The Ultimate NO CARB Full Day of Eating – high protein, low fat, no carbs

The Ultimate NO CARB Full Day of Eating - high protein, low fat, no carbs

For already two weeks straight i have been carb depleting. That means i did not eat any form of carbohydrates.
I do not recommend anybody doing this because you will get mentally exhausted and low low on energy.

What i did for the past two weeks was pretty much only cardio. The first week i did high reps and low weight and the second week i did no weight traing what so ever.
Also i ate a lot of protein, i focussed to have the majority of protein out of meat sources.

Morning meal 1:
7 eggwhites and veggies

Meal 2:
370grams of chicken and green beans

Meal 3:
320grams of fish and again green beans

Meal 4 and 5:
Spicy tuna wraps (wrapped in lettuce) and two scoops of protein with 5-6 raspberries

I can tell you the calories are really low from all these meals. But spread throughout the day i did not feel any hunger.

I talked about my diet plan these coming weeks before my vacation. So i am going to do a reverse diet up to my vacation. Slowly increasing my calories by the week and decrease my cardio.
Check the part where i talk about it and you will hear me explain the whole plan šŸ˜€

That’s was pretty much a no carbs diet. A high high protein – low fat – no carb Full Day of Eating

Why live life?
Live Life is really my intention in life. I want everybody to live there life and do what they want to do in live. What ever you like, you should do it!


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