How effective is Shakeology? Clinical Studies have proven (weight loss, energy, cholesterol)…, This is HUGE
Shakeology is now Clinically Proven by and independent study.
I have been sharing what Shakeology has done for my family and I over the last two years. Now, we have clinical proof that it works. Overwhelming proof in fact.

It’s very rare to see a clinical proof of a product like this. But the numbers simply do not lie.

Learn more about Shakeology at:

Nothing compares to Shakeology, use this as part of your research.

Why Drink Shakeology Every Day? It can help you:*

Lose weight – especially if you replace a meal with Shakeology every day.
Reduce junk food cravings – drink it in the morning to enjoy this benefit throughout the day.
Increase your energy and feel healthier.
Improve your digestion and regularity.

It’s the simple recipe for success:

You won’t feel deprived, because every delicious shake tastes like a sinful treat.
The proteins and healthy fats will help you feel fuller longer, so you’re less likely to snack.
Superfoods help your body reduce cravings for junk food.
Increased energy means your workouts feel easier.

How Shakeology short-circuits your urge to snack:

Our protein-rich nutrient-dense formula helps you feel full and reduces the tendency to “cheat” throughout the day.
Helps you curb junk food cravings while helping you crave healthier choices.
You’re feeding your body the nutrients it needs, so it feels more satisfied.
So delicious, it tastes like you’re cheating!

What would you do with a little extra daily energy?

Power through your day, and cross more off your to-do list.
Get your fitness program off to a great new start.
Help your body’s internal processes work more efficiently.
Enjoy life . . . and get more out of every single moment!

How Shakeology gets you healthy from the inside out:

Fiber and probiotics help you “get regular” so you eliminate toxins that are built up in your digestive system.
Proprietary blend of prebiotics and probiotics help create a healthy intestinal tract which aids digestion.
A healthier digestive system makes it easier to absorb key nutrients.
Digestive enzymes also help your body to increase the absorption of nutrients.

Jessica L.,Age 27
Lost 83 LBS., & 14 inches off of her waist with Shakeology & TurboJam
“Nutrition was my weakest spot.”
“I was eating fast food twice a day, 5 days a week. With Shakeology, my crazy bad food cravings went away. Shakeology completely satisfied my need for candy bars, ice cream, and cake. Fast food has been completely wiped from my diet. I have amazingly heightened energy, my clearness of thought is incredible. Digestion and regularity used to be a problem for me. Not anymore!”

Walt S.,Age 43
Lost 171 LBS.,with Shakeology & P90X
“The first week on Shakeology, I lost 8 lbs.”
“When I learned about Shakeology, I wasn’t sure it would fit into my low carb, low fat, low calorie diet. Then my doctor told me drinking Shakeology was like eating a cup of mixed berries but healthier, so I went home and mixed up a shake. I was in CHOCOLATE HEAVEN! Even on my limited diet plan, Shakeology remains my guilty pleasure and it’s great for me!”

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