Cool Tips and Tricks you might not know: Dying Light: Easy Health Gain, Fast Travel and More!

Here’s 5 quick, cool tips and tricks in Dying Light that you might not know! Including easy health gain, fast travel and more!

Hey what is happening guys, Kris here and today, Ill be sharing a few quick, tips and tricks in dying light that you might not know.

Tip 1:

My first tip is, when youre low on health, travel to one of your unlocked safehouses and go to sleep, when you wake up, your health will be full again, and be completely re-generated without the need of medkits or food. If you go back to sleep again whilst its night, youll wake up in the morning giving you not only full health, but plenty more hours of daylight than you would have had before.

Tip 2:

My next tip is for when you get overwhelmed by zombies, particularly the virals that run after you, if youre near a water source like this river here, jump in or run into it, zombies cant swim so youll loose them straight away, giving you an easy escape, this is a handy trick in the old town where theres quite lot of virals that might come chasing you down.

Tip 3:

Another trick is to use firecrackers against bombers, using a firecracker will attract other zombies towards it, including the bomber, and the firecracker will actually cause the bomber to explode, blowing up all nearby zombies that are attracted to the firecracker.

Tip 4:

This next trick is for those of you playing with controllers with rumble enabled. When lockpicking, use the rumble in your controller as a hint, if the left side of the controller vibrates, it mean that the lockpick needs turning to the left, and if the right side vibrates, the lockpick should need to be turned to the right, also as soon as it vibrates, let go of the stick so the lockpick doesn’t snap straight away.

Tip 5:

And my last tip for this video, is for those of you who want to fast travel between the slums and the old town, once you have it unlocked.

To go back the slums from the old town youll need to go up embers tower in the old town, and into the room where your bed is, here youll find a poster above a mattress that says ‘urban renewal’, press the action button to fast travel back to the slums.

If you wanna to go back to the old town, its just as easy, go to the first floor of breckens tower, and turn left after you’ve climbed up, enter the shop and on the left site by the door youll see a similar poster that says ‘Swatson and son construction company’ this poster will take you back to the old town whenever you want.

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