Dangers of a Vegan Diet? (daily mail doodoo)

My response to a recent Daily Mail article called “Dangers of a vegan diet: Why a plant-based diet can crush your energy, skin and make you depressed”. Off to a great start with that title.



B12 storage

Jack Norris B12 article (must-read)

Nutritional yeast & b12

Acne and low-glycemic diets

VeganRD protein primer

Plant Protein: A Vegan Nutrition Primer

Veganism & fiber intake

Vegan keto?

Artificial sweeteners

New Review of Artificial Sweeteners

Low Energy Sweeteners and Weight Control



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This video is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific illness or infirmary in your own animal Only your veterinarian can do that after examining your pet.

Fitness and Weight Loss Expert On Fox News On Dangers Of New Study For Being Over Weight

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