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Interesting Facts About Your Health – 10 Interesting Facts About Health You Will Love to Learn

Knowing your body, and the most interesting facts about your health can save your life. In this special edition, I talk about many interesting health topics useful for everyday life. You will love to learn about 10 interesting fact about … Continue reading

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7 facts about fiber

Jay Singh, M.D., a colorectal surgeon at Piedmont, explains why fiber is so important to good health and colon cancer prevention. http://www.piedmont.org/livingbetter Video Rating: / 5

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Mental Health Statistics in America (US) (Statistics, Facts, and Data)

Mental Health Statistics in America (US) (Statistics, Facts, and Data) – Learn more: https://healthery.com/ Mental Health Statistics in America (Statistics, Facts, and Data): Presented by Did you know: 1 in 5 adults, in the US, have a mental health condition. … Continue reading

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Nutrition Tips : Facts About Acai Berry

The acai berry is grown on palm trees in the Amazon and is very beneficial for the vascular system and connective tissues in the body. Learn about how acai berries have a low glycemic index with information from a nutritionist … Continue reading

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health facts for a healthy life try and be healthy every day to live a happy healthy lifestyle here are some facts to help you … for more facts check out my facts about this ‘n’ that playlist like – … Continue reading

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Poor Health: Assumptions, Facts, Opportunities | Abdul El-Sayed | TEDxUofM

How do social and economic factors influence health outcomes? Dr. Abdul El-Sayed explores these issues of unequal health and describes how public health can be leveraged to disrupt intergenerational poverty. Dr. El-Sayed is an internationally recognized expert in health policy, … Continue reading

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Mayo Clinic Minute: Mediterranean Diet Fast Facts

The Mediterranean diet is billed as a heart-friendly plan that improves health and prevents disease, but it’s is more than a just list of dishes. In this Mayo Clinic Minute, Jeff Olsen talks to Dr. Donald Hensrud, director of the … Continue reading

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Nemours: How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label

When you shop for groceries for your family, the Nutrition Facts label is your tool for understanding what’s healthy and what’s not. Nearly every food product has a Nutrition Facts label on it — but understanding what all those numbers … Continue reading

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5 Shocking Facts About Health Care for Retirees – Lucia Capital Group Weekly with Ray Lucia Jr.

Health care costs are high, and going higher. I think we can all agree on that. And as we get older, those costs will begin to take center stage. Here are 5 shocking facts about health care for retirees. WealthEd.com … Continue reading

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