GROW Shoulder Muscles With This Exercise | Guru Mann | Health & Fitness

GROW Shoulder Muscles With This Exercise | Guru Mann | Health & Fitness…
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Grow Your Hair Longer and Faster! Natural Tips for Healthy Hair | Jackie Wyers

How To Grow Out Your Hair Longer & Faster! Please give this video/tutorial a THUMBS UP if you got some new tips and tricks to try! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more videos: OPEN FOR MORE INFO

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Hey girls! Hope you enjoyed my long hair care routine/tips and tricks to naturally get longer, healthy hair at the fastest pace possible for you! Here’s a summary of the tips:

Multivitamins are a great for getting the nutrient you need for longer hair, healthy skin and nails! Biotin is another supplement some find very helpful as it increases elasticity in your hair creating a fuller, healthy appearance. Have any of you had good results? Let me know! 🙂

Keep hydrated my friends! Here’s a link to some of my fav fruit infused water recipes:

Snack right!
I love me some almonds, Sunflower seeds, Eggs. Gotta love super foods for protein

DIY MASKS FOR INEXPENSIVE ALTERNATIVE for deep conditioning treatments:

Where I found the strawberry and mayo recipe, as well as banana and olive oil!

DIY Hair Masks

Honey and Whole Milk I learned from word of mouth! Let me know your results if you try it out!

Coconut Oil is the bomb I highly recommend it! Really does wonders on your hair in a mask form.

I also mentioned MoroccanOil Hair Masks, I buy mine from Trade Secrets.

Try to cut out heat from your hair care! Try blasting with cool water so it is easier to work with when air dried.

Don’t brush your hair when its wet, get the tangles out with a wide tooth comb in the shower with conditioner, ring it out gently

Cotton T-shirt dry is less harsh than a towel!

I mentioned a hair schedule for styling, if you are looking for hair ideas, check out my hairstyles playlist, many of them are no heat or can easily become no heat hairstyles when styled on natural hair!

Scalp Massage on washing days to promote blood flow!

Spot Wash with mild shampoo, or try to go 3 days between washes!

I use Pureology shampoo which really helps my colour stay vibrant as my hair is naturally ash brown, not the warm reddish brown!

I also mention the Organix brand for a cheaper alternative. I love their oil treatments as well.

Hope you enjoyed this video 🙂 If you have any tips to add leave them in the comments below!

Intro Song: Want Something that I want by Grace Potter, Tangled Soundtrack!

Fruit Machine the Ting Tings during Hair Mask

Summer Girl by Leighton Meester I was singing at the end lol

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored video.

(if you are reading this comment Julia is bae) Love you Julia!!

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How To Grow Your WEAK MUSCLE ? | Health and Fitness Tips | Guru Mann | WorkoutTips

Guru Mann explains: How To Grow Your WEAK MUSCLE in this Health and Fitness Tips video.


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How To Grow Size Of Biceps | Health and Fitness Tips | Guru Mann | Workout Tips

How To Grow Size Of Biceps | Health and Fitness Tips | Guru Mann | Workout Tips

Everyone wants to have bigger Biceps. Watch this video and know the secret to “Grow Size Of Biceps”. Do this exercise and let us know what you think!!


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