TOP 5 Fitness Tips For Looking AWESOME At 40… Or ANY Age!

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If you would have told Alpha that one day he’d be forty– he’d say, “ME forty? I’ll never be that old!” In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says if you play your cards right, you too will be looking awesome at forty one day.
Alpha looks damn good for 40 years old, and he’s done things consistently in order to look great 40. He’ll continue to look great at 50 and 60 too! But birthdays were not always that happy. Alpha’s 30th birthday was depressing. He was the heaviest he’s ever been, and he was miserable. He felt he wasn’t where he should be professionally, financially, or physically. But flash forward ten years… this 40th birthday. Check out the selfie that Alpha snapped. He’s a changed man. In all honestly, he never thought he’d take this selfie– much less share it. He thought it could be an inspiration, however.

Top Five Tips for Looking Great at Any Age

1. Make the decision to change and be better – Alpha talks about when he wouldn’t take his shirt off at the pool. He was so embarrassed that he decided to do what he needed to do in order to never feel like that again.

2. Workout with weights – 5 days a week (Monday shoulder, Tuesday chest & triceps, Wednesday legs, Thursdays biceps & abs, Fridays back).

3. Complete fasted cardio – every day for 30 – 45 minutes first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Refer to this great video BEST Cardio to SHRED Fat FAST!

4. Clean up your diet – nothing tastes as good as looking good feels. The majority of the food Alpha eats is delicious but healthy with high quality calories.

5. REPEAT EVERY DAY, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR … and 10 years later, here is Alpha.

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High Fiber Low Sugar Low Fat Diet

The key requirements of losing weight through lower calorie intake are sustainability and reliability. This is a lesson many dieters fail to understand. They would go on a diet but after a few weeks, they end up gaining back any weight they lost. In fact, many gain additional pounds and end up weighing more after their diet compared to when they started! If you truly want to lose weight by dieting, you need a diet regimen that is both sustainable over the long haul and can help you lose weight on a reliable basis. Switching to a high fiber, low sugar, and low fat diet is one such diet.

Reduce Calories Without Feeling Hungry

The hassle with low calorie diets is that they inevitably make you feel hungry. You end up getting tempted and might wolf down a burger or something just as greasy so you can deal with the hunger pangs. If you eat high-fiber foods like fruits and vegetables and supplement them with seeds and nuts, you end up suppressing your appetite because this diet’s high fiber content fills your stomach faster, and your stomach sends out a lower level of hunger signals to your brain. If that isn’t great enough news, fruits and vegetables are not calorie dense. This means you can eat a huge bulky portion of these foods and they won’t pack as many calories, on a per gram or ounce basis, compared to oily or fatty foods like meat. As as result, you can eat more without feeling guilty that you are loading up on calories. You can eat until you’re full and not have to worry about calorie overload. Compare this with eating fatty or sugar-rich foods until you’re full. Such high-calorie fare will lead to increased weight and fat.

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We heart carbs! But if you are like me, and my patients, and you eat smart, you probably would rather spend your carbs on something much more interesting than… bread ? maybe a margarita? ?? a piece of cake ?? or a bowl of pasta? NOW YOU CAN!! Thanks to my ?CAULIFLOWER AND FLAX SEED BREAD?
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?Time to make: 1⃣5⃣ minutes
?Makes 24 slices


?1 cauliflower head
?3 egg whites
?1/4 teaspoon salt (I use ️Low sodium)
?1 small pinch baking soda
?4 tablespoons baking powder (alum. Free)
?1/4 cup milk(I use unsweet vanilla coconut)
?3 tablespoons ground flaxseed
?1/8 teaspoon lemon zest
?3 tablespoons olive oil

1⃣Preheat oven to 400F
2⃣In a food processor or blender, add cut cauliflower and pulse until a “flour” forms
3⃣Microwave or steam cauliflower for 3 minutes and dry VERY WELL (I used a cheese cloth, and left it outside for a few minutes, this is a very important step)
4⃣A dough should form, add it to the processor again with flaxseed, olive oil, salt, pepper, baking soda, baking powder, egg whites and lemon zest. Pulse until everything is well blended
5⃣Bake in a 9×4 rectangular pan for 15 minutes or more if you like it crispy. Leave to cool before cutting
Calories 25 kcal Fat 1.6g Carbohydrates 1.8g Protein 1g
This recipe and every recipe you see on my page is part of my patients meal plans
?Clinic Locations•Miami•Beirut•Dubai•
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