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Lifting Gear:
Rehband Knee Sleeves:
Thera-Band Flexbar (Blue/Heavy resistance):
Foam Roller:
Chalk: h

Everyday Supplements I take:
Men’s Multi:
Fish Oil:
Vitamin D:
Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM:
ZMA (before bed):

My FAVORITE Protein Powder:

Raw Preworkout Ingredients
Beta Alanine:
Citruline Malate:

Optional (Focus/Mind/Other) Preworkout Ingredients:
Macuna Dopa:
Huperzine A:
L-Theanine: (good before bed too)
Citicoline CDP Choline:
Beet Root:
L-Carnitine (optional/probnotnecessary):
HMB (optional during cut):

Video Gear & Tech:
Vlog Camera – Sony RX 100 IV:
Sony A7s ii:
35mm lens:
16-70mm zoom lens:
cheaper mic:

Matt Ogus – Cutting Diet – Meal by Meal

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Newer vlogs filmed with a Sony RX 100 III (mark 3), other vids filmed with a Canon t5i. Old videos filmed with a Sony HDR-CX110

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