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Mayo Clinic Minute: 6 tips to healthy eating on a budget

In this Mayo Clinic Minute, Cathy Deimeke, a Mayo Clinic nutritionist, has 6 tips on how to work healthy foods into your diet without spending a lot of money.

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Lowering Cholesterol – Mayo Clinic

Dr. Stephen Kopecky, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist, describes ways to lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol, without taking a statin. Video Rating: / 5

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Mayo Clinic Minute: Low-carb diet findings and cautions

A new Mayo Clinic study shows low-carbohydrate diets are slightly more effective for weight loss than low-fat diets. “Our review found those following the low-carbohydrate diet lost about 2.5 to 5 pounds more than those following comparison diets, which usually … Continue reading

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Mayo Clinic Minute: Foods to fuel your workout

Food is your body’s fuel, so it’s important to eat before exercise. However, the wrong food at the wrong time can upset your stomach and bring a quick end to your workout. In this video, Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program … Continue reading

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Mayo Clinic Minute: 3 tips to ditch junk food for a healthier diet

The steady stream of holiday cookies and treats may have slowed but for millions of Americans, the appetite for high fat, sodium laden sweets continues. Making the switch from highly processed junk food to more healthful whole foods can be … Continue reading

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Mayo Clinic Health Information

Mayo Clinic health information is available in formats to empower targeted audiences to effectively manage their health at any stage of life. All content is written in a style that makes it easy for people of all ages to understand. … Continue reading

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Mayo Clinic Minute: Heart-healthy diet for women

Heart disease is a leading cause of death for women, and despite increases in awareness, health officials say women remain unaware of their risks. Dr. Amy Pollak, a cardiologist at Mayo Clinic says one way to reduce the risk of … Continue reading

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Back-to-school health topics to be featured on Mayo Clinic News Network

August marks the end of summer for many students and the beginning of a new school year. That fresh start can come with a list of challenges, from giving up gametime to getting caught up on vaccinations and much needed … Continue reading

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Benefits of strength training for women: Mayo Clinic Radio

Terri Wheeldon, a well-being specialist at Mayo Clinic’s Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center, shares why strength training is especially important for women. This interview originally aired Oct. 13, 2018.

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Mayo Clinic Minute: Optimism improves women's health

Women may live longer if they are optimistic. Researchers analyzed surveys filled out by more than 70,000 nurses and found that those who were most optimistic had a 31 percent reduced risk of mortality, while those who were the least … Continue reading

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