National Weight Control Registry: Common Behaviors in Weight Maintenance

Using data collected from the National Weight Control Registry, which is a registry of individuals who have maintained at least a 30 pound weight-loss for one year or longer, Dr. Hill provides the methods that are helping maintain weight-loss throughout time.
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National Nutrition Month: Healthy Food Haul

Happy National Nutrition Month! 🙂
I had to re-stock my fridge and pantry, so I wanted to show you what I picked up at the store.

In the video I included:
-Apples (Pink Lady and Lady Alice)
-Mandarin Oranges
-Bunny Luv Baby Carrots
-Green Beans
-Earthbound Farm Kale
-Sweet baby peppers
-Pita Pal Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
-Kirkland Frozen Strawberries
-Wawona Frozen Mango Chunks
-Raw Shelled Hemp Hearts
-Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
-Turkish Apricots (They should be brown because it means they were dried without chemicals)
-Green& Black 85% Cacao Chocolate Bar
-Reccomended by Monica Watson, AKA ModelChef. Her channel is

Gotta give Credit for my flower crown! 🙂
-Judith Edwards. Check out her website:

Music By Skyler Mann and DJ Radical


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NASM | National Academy of Sports Medicine

Since 1987, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has been a global leader in providing evidence-based certifications and advanced credentials to Health and Fitness Professionals. In addition to its NCCA-accredited fitness Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification, NASM offers a progressive career track with access to Advanced Specializations, Continuing Education courses, and accredited Bachelor and Master Degree programs. The NASM educational continuum is designed to help today’s Health and Fitness Professional enhance their career while empowering their clients to live healthier lives. To learn more, visit: or call 1.800.460.NASM (6276).
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