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Lentils: A Miracle Of Nutrition [Full Documentary]

Lentils are undemanding plants from drier regions, yet at the same time they are extremely rich in protein and are real power packs, full of minerals and trace elements. Scientists from around the world are working on attempts to develop … Continue reading

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Liquid Nutrition

Dr. Jockers speaks about Liquid Nutrition, and it’s various health aspects. For additional information and resources please visit http://drjockers.com

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Zero Carbs Diet: Does it Work? | UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

The Zero Carbs Diet asks you to stop eating all carbohydrates and having a lot of fat from meats, cheeses, eggs, and bacon. But many people question whether it is a balanced and sustainable diet. Learn more: http://ucla.in/2xt5CIb Video Rating: … Continue reading

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Nemours: How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label

When you shop for groceries for your family, the Nutrition Facts label is your tool for understanding what’s healthy and what’s not. Nearly every food product has a Nutrition Facts label on it — but understanding what all those numbers … Continue reading

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Fitness and Nutrition

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Mediterranean Diet: Does it Work? | UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

The idea is that this diet was developed based on the foods eaten in Ancient Greece. However, many of the foods recommended in the modern version of this diet were never available in Ancient Greece. There are lots of good … Continue reading

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LIVE Health Wellness Q&A- Ask a Health Coach! Weight Loss, Fitness, ASMR, Nutrition | Corrina Rachel

#Psychetruth #WellnessPlus

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Nutrition & Diets : Acid Reflux Diet Plan

A diet plan to help acid reflux includes eating slowly, relaxing during meals, determining the foods that trigger attacks and avoiding these trigger foods. Eat cabbage to help acid reflux, as it is very healing to the lining of the … Continue reading

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Nutrition & Vitamins : Smart Burn With Hoodia for Women

Hoodia is an herbal supplement that’s been marketed for weight loss benefits, but a woman interested in weight loss should be focused on strength training. Discover why nutrition is an important factor of body fat loss with help from a … Continue reading

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Truth About Vitamins & Minerals Supplements Austin Nutrition

Be My Friend – http://www.myspace.com/psychtruth Truth about Vitamins & Minerals Supplements Austin Nutrition Joseph explains what the best types of vitamin and mineral supplements are. He explains the differences between synthetic vitamins, natural vitamins, whole food vitamins and whole foods. … Continue reading

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