Vitamin D research & disease with Rhonda Patrick Phd – Podcast 94 – Rhonda Patrick Phd joins me on Podcast 94. The show for a knowledge heavy episode on micronutrients and there role in health and disease. We talk about vitamin E, Vitamin C, magnesium, energy production, the expression of cancer, gene expression, cellular metabolism, the mitochondria, and how the science if often a confounding issue.

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Knowledge, Courses, Fitness & Nutrition – Step into My World – Podcast 171

Knowledge, Courses, Fitness & Nutrition - Step into My World - Podcast 171 – Unhappy with your job? Ever thought of being in the fitness industry? In this episode we talk about 3 key factors, 1. How to get into the health and fitness industry and what courses to do, 2. What to do if you don’t enjoy your job and how to make the job you do more rewarding, 3. How your words and how you perceive your world can change everything in your life. I’d like to think that even if you are not in the fitness industry or want to be that there is a key life lesson for everyone in this show… Enjoy.

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Using Lab-Work and Common Health Markers to Help Transition to a Healthy Diet – Podcast #82

Using lab-work and common health markers to help transition to a healthy diet – Podcast #82

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Dr. Justin Marchegiani interviews Dave Korsunsky back on the show and introduces Heads Up Health, a new technology that allows people to input their lab data and other health information so they can better keep track of everything and all in one place. Discover how empowering yourself with your own medical records work and why it’s effective for tracking success.

With Heads Up Health, you can track things like weight, blood pressure and blood sugar, and really see what’s happening biochemically. Learn how you can collect data or at-home markers without lab tests as well as understand what clinical markers you need to keep an eye out when you listen to this podcast.

In this episode, topics include:

4:06 Tools for bettert health and lifestyle

9:05 At-home markers

22:51 Clinical markers

24:50 Dr. J’s spreadsheet on functional medicine ranges

33:37 Case study and Heads Up Health software

47:00 Complete lab panel

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Weird Foods and Crazy Diets – 8 – thenewboston Podcast

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Vitamix Talk, Health Tips Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 158

1:28:20-1:32:50 of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast with guest Doug Benson in the house. They talk about health, kahl shakes made with the vitamix blender, vitamix and smoothie recipe tips, sweeteners, and perfect shits. For more go to or thank you Brian Redban!