My 50 Pound Weight Loss Story – Depression, Fitness Q&A | Jaz Jackson

My 50 Pound Weight Loss Story:

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Lets have a sane food talk over a huge bowl of delicious chocolate ice cream 🙂
After years of trying every single kind of diet to lose weight, I was able to lose 30 pounds by shifting my focus from dieting to SELF LOVE. The main change was my internal dialog with myself, that started to change from self hate and deprivation, to something like this:
How am I loving myself today with food?
How am I loving myself today with movement?
How am I loving myself today by being flexible and kind to myself?

This internal talk is something I still practice with myself everyday in all aspects of life. And when it comes to my relationship with food, I earned something much more important than a number on a scale: food became an amazing tool to give myself self love, kindness, and flexibility with. All traits that I value and want more of in my life.

By the way my AMAZING & HEALTHY chocolate ice cream in the video is made of:
– 4 frozen bananas
– 2 persimmons
– 4 medjool dates
– 1/2 spoon vanilla
– 4 spoons carob powder

To make it:
1. peel & freeze the bananas overnight
2. blend everything together
And that’s it, enjoy!

Much much love,
Shir ❤️
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Before & After VIDEO Of My 55+ Pound Weight Loss

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