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Are You a Health or Fitness Professional? (Special Invite)

If you’re a health or fitness professional that wants to grow your online business then join me here

This is the community for health experts to come together and help each other grow their online health/fitness/nutrition business to make a real difference in the world.

This is for you IF:

* you’re a fitness coach, nutritionist, naturopathic (or similar), health coach, or heart-centered entrepreneur with a passion for improving the health and lives of others…

* you can’t stand working “for the man” and love being an entrepreneur…

* you actually care about helping others…

* you want to grow your email/customer list, create amazing products, and provide “share worthy” experiences for your customers

* you are committed to becoming a smarter entrepreneur and ethical marketer to reach more people and better their lives

* you want more profits in your business so you don’t work yourself into the ground

* you’re fed up with all the scammy, hypey marketing and want to find/hone your own voice, brand, and a business model that suits you best.

If these resonate with you, then you’re in the right place.

These IMPORTANT guidelines will govern how we run this group:

1. Give before asking

2. Be cool

3. Have an abundant mindset – there’s more than enough for everyone

4. Do not promote your business or sell your products/services. This a community for sharing, learning, and staying accountable.

5. Upon joining, introduce yourself and tell us about your business and your biggest challenge

That’s it!

I know that collectively, we can make a HUGE difference in the world and help millions of people live health and fulfilling lives.

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Fitlife Professional Training- Personal/ Corporate Fitness and Health Training Experts of Australia

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Learn more at:

Fitness Professional Tip: Neurology 101

Free Download: Fitness Professional’s Guide to the NeuroRevolution:

In this blog video Dr. Cobb describes why Z-Health does ‘weird’ exercises and included the visual and vestibular systems in training.

Read the transcript here:
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Professional Fitness Consulting (Grand Rapids, MI)

Professional Fitness Consulting – Grand Rapids Only Health and Wellness Management Agency


What is PFC?

Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, but most people aren’t sure how to do it. Typically, someone will go straight to a gym, nutritionist, class, chiropractor, etc. Will that service provider ever tell you that what you may need, they don’t provide? No. They will sell you what they can at as high of a rate as possible! From there, the service provider will front load your program, meaning as many sessions, as quickly as possible, for as much money as they can get. After that, you’re on your own just like before and they’re happy with the money you just gave to them.

PFC solves this by developing an exclusive network of certified health and wellness service providers throughout West Michigan. We assign you one of our very own Personal Fitness Agents (PFA), and they proceed to match you with the EXACT service providers you need to help accomplish your goals, all within your budget.

Is it really free?

While we do charge a modest fee for corporate plans, most families and individuals can work with us for free. This is because service providers (like personal trainers, gyms, and nutritionists) pay for the opportunity to be a part of our network. The bigger our network, the more valuable it is. It’s sort of like how Facebook offers free memberships in order to make their advertising space more valuable.

We Offer:
– Free Grand Rapids wellness programs
– A Personal Fitness Agent to manage your health and wellness.
– Personal trainers, dietitians, boot camps, chiropractic care, massage therapy, gym memberships, sports specific training, nutritional guidance, various group classes.
– All you scheduling needs
– A Grand Rapids, MI wellness community
– A more healthy life!

Be well,

Kyle Johnson
Owner, Personal Fitness Agent
Professional Fitness Consulting (Grand Rapids,MI)
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SOCHi Personal Fitness Trainer / Health & Wellness Professional Program

(818) 980-8990,,

The Personal Fitness Trainer/Health & Wellness Professional Program provides the student advanced training as a Personal Fitness Trainer and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Southern California Health Institute is a School of Massage, Physical Therapy Aide/Sports Rehab, Personal Fitness Training & Medical Billing & Coding. We are located in the Reseda section of Los Angeles, Financial Aid is Available to Those who Qualify, Job Assistance, Full Body Student Massages.
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1.48m Aerofloor® Health Fitness Professional

1.48m Aerofloor® Health Fitness Professional

Using the 1.48m x 1.48m Health Fitness Professional AeroFloor® in the home to improve balance with your children.

Aerofloor® the High-Performance Sports Flooring from SAQ International.

Aerofloor® is a training surface like no other which utilises high grade fabrics and ‘controlled energy return technology’ to provide an incredible energy giving and energy absorbing training surface. This platform has been supplied to a number of leading premiership football, rugby and cricket clubs, becoming a focal point of their training regimes and has now entered the health and fitness sector.

1. Shock Absorption sparing the joints from exercise impact
2. Elastic Recoil (‘controlled energy return’)
3. Explosive training surface
4. Adjustable ‘unstable surface’ for balance training
5. ‘Focal’ shock absorption properties
6. Easy to set up and use
7. Durable
8. Portable
9. Adjustable Air Pressure
10.Sound absorption properties

Speed agility and Quickness are improved with SAQ Training Techniques.

SAQ® International main website

Keep up to date with our Facebook and Twitter feeds:

SAQ® Facebook page


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