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– High Protein, Best Tasting Shake Recipe
– Fat Loss, Diet Advice, Real Talk & Motivation for achieving Body Goals!
– Exposing Fake Training & Diet Plans

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High Protein Builds More Muscle and Increases Fat Loss

When considering protein intake (not to mention any number of other topics), don’t just trust one source of information. What I mean is, look at the research, but don’t just take every protein study at face value, because so many of them contradict each other. As a scientist, I’ve learned how to interpret data, taking into account the physical state of the subjects (ie, trained versus untrained), the type of training program followed during the experiment, and a host of other important details and limitations in a given study.

In addition to the research, consider actual results you’ve experienced personally as well as results achieved by others. So many “experts” in this field won’t take any results seriously unless they’re published in peer-reviewed journals. Trust me, I like the journals. I subscribe to them, I’ve been published in them and I’ll continue to support them. But when I bump my personal protein intake from 1 gram per pound per day up to 1.5 grams per pound per day and see great results in size, strength and fat loss, I take that into account. And when I get the exact same feedback from hundreds of thousands of individuals bumping up their protein the same way and getting bigger, stronger and leaner as well, I’m sold.

In the case of high protein diets, specifically 1.5 grams per pound daily, the debate is over. Research proves it works, and so do the results we see every day by hard-training individuals following this recommendation.

Taking in 1.5 grams not only works better than 1 gram for building size, but it also helps burn more fat. Case closed.

Lose 17 pounds in 5 days — The Pure Protein Diet, First Weigh In

In this video I explain how I lost 17.6 lbs and 3&1/2 inches from my waist after only five days on the pure protein diet:
4. July — 195,2 lbs and 37.25 inches
9. July — 177.6 lbs and 33.75 inches

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7 High Protein Low Carb Foods, Good Sources Of Protein


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What Are Good Sources of Protein?

A high protein, low carb diet is not for everybody and is by no means proven as the best way to lose weight. However, studies have suggested that for some people, this type of diet is an effective way to reduce fat and weight, particularly to kick start weight loss in those who are morbidly obese.
In this video I am going to share with you 7 high protein low carb foods to include in your diet

Tuna Economical, versatile and easily available, tuna is a classic low-carb, high-protein food. A 100g serving has no carbohydrates and 23g of protein. Use tuna on salads or as a topping for baked potatoes or open-faced sandwiches.

Tofu Eating it alone like cheese, it doesn’t taste that good, but when you add it to other diet it really makes your dish wonderful. Eating one slice of tofu will give you so much protein and is low in carb. Many people are turning towards it as a major diet. Vegetarian and non vegetarian will both love for it as it can be added to them easily.

Poultry Poultry, along with fish, is the leanest animal source of protein. To maximize the health benefits, focus on including low-fat poultry such as chicken breast and turkey in your diet, as other types of poultry such as duck and goose are much fattier–and more expensive. Skin your meat and eat white meat for the highest protein with lowest fat and carbohydrate count.

Shrimp can be your main ingredient of a healthy eating plan if you are careful about the manner that you enjoy it. These reports are for two ounces of prepared shrimp, either broiled, or grilled. Take small size of the shrimp as the larger size means more calories. Make sure when eating from outside, it’s not fried or coated in butter. Also, be careful not to eat with sauces that can boost the calorie content in your body. If you eat shrimp in a normal form like this, you will get all of the natural protein and no extra calorie.

Protein Powder: This protein powder could be mixed either with milk or in any drink. This will boost the protein content in the body. This powder is a necessity if you are planning to build lean muscles. This powder can be mixed with fruits or ice and consumed after a workout.

Flax Seeds: Flax Seed is rich in Omega-3 nutrients. It has high fat content. This can be added to soups or salads, once in a while. 2 Tablespoons of Flax Seeds includes 70calories and 3gms of Protein

Salmon Speaking of healthy fats, you can’t go wrong with eating salmon. In terms of the combination of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, making a meal out of this flavorful fish is always a good idea. Shoot to make salmon a part of your menu at least once a week.

Other high protein low carb foods include Low-fat yogurt, nuts, Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Beans, and eggs.

The Ultimate NO CARB Full Day of Eating – high protein, low fat, no carbs

The Ultimate NO CARB Full Day of Eating - high protein, low fat, no carbs

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darkobunic
For already two weeks straight i have been carb depleting. That means i did not eat any form of carbohydrates.
I do not recommend anybody doing this because you will get mentally exhausted and low low on energy.

What i did for the past two weeks was pretty much only cardio. The first week i did high reps and low weight and the second week i did no weight traing what so ever.
Also i ate a lot of protein, i focussed to have the majority of protein out of meat sources.

Morning meal 1:
7 eggwhites and veggies

Meal 2:
370grams of chicken and green beans

Meal 3:
320grams of fish and again green beans

Meal 4 and 5:
Spicy tuna wraps (wrapped in lettuce) and two scoops of protein with 5-6 raspberries

I can tell you the calories are really low from all these meals. But spread throughout the day i did not feel any hunger.

I talked about my diet plan these coming weeks before my vacation. So i am going to do a reverse diet up to my vacation. Slowly increasing my calories by the week and decrease my cardio.
Check the part where i talk about it and you will hear me explain the whole plan 😀

That’s was pretty much a no carbs diet. A high high protein – low fat – no carb Full Day of Eating

Why live life?
Live Life is really my intention in life. I want everybody to live there life and do what they want to do in live. What ever you like, you should do it!


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JAX SNAX: Health/Fitness Foods, How to Make Protein Spinach Wraps

Tired of standard Chicken Breast, Broccoli and Brown Rice. You want to eat healthy but you keep falling off the wagon because you dont know how to cook or what to eat. Well your friendly neighborhood JaxBlade is here with a new series on how to make eating healthy clean foods fun and not boring and bland. Be sure to check it out and try it out and dont worry for my vegetarian/vegan friends out there I can hook ya up to in the future. Be sure to share with your friends it really helps a lot.

1 Red onion
Boneless Skinless Chicken Tenderloins
Spinach Wraps
Vegeta Seasoning
Himalayan pink salt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Apple Cider Vinegar
Ground Pepper
Red Hot Buffalo Sauce
Muenster Cheese
Blue Cheese Crumbles

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MEAL 4 – Protein Sticks | MUSCLE MODE by Guru Mann | Health & Fitness

Get rid of extra body fat and follow super intense 6 weeks cutting program designed and created by #GuruMann “MUSCLE MODE”.

Full Program Live Now: http://bit.ly/2iJBYrk
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FRIDAY – Legs:

Abs & Cardio:

== Follow Nutrition ==

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How Much Protein Should Women Eat (HOW MANY GRAMS PER DAY?)

Best high protein meal plans can be found in our 90 day fitness and nutrition system

If you are asking yourself ‘how much protein do I need’, this video will help answer your question. How much protein do women need if they are trying to lean out and build muscle? We’ll tell you the truth about protein – exactly how many grams of protein you need for a healthy diet and to help with muscle growth and weight loss. This is the ultimate guide to protein for women!

When answering the question how much protein do women need, different experts will give different answers. The recommendations for building muscle are definitely a high protein diet, especially in comparison with USDA recommendations. Additional protein in your diet is healthy if you choose the right kinds of protein and pair it with healthy carbs and healthy fats.

When asking how much protein to build muscle, some bodybuilding experts will even give an amount higher than we recommend. If your goals are serious muscle building you could consider going higher, but our recommendations for how much protein women need should suit the needs of most women looking to get strong and lean.

For more information on the best high protein diet for women, subscribe to our Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/womensworkouts
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Sample Meal Plan For FAST, SAFE and EASY Weight Loss \\ High Protein + Low Carb

Sample low carb and low fat meal plan / weight loss guidelines that I used to lose over 50 lbs. I’m not a doctor, this is simply what has worked for me to lose weight.

Protein Requirement (USE EITHER NUMBER ADA or CDC) http://www.calculator.net/protein-cal…
Find The Meal Plan Here: http://cupcakewellness.com/high-protein-food-list/

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Consult your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program. Don’t feel discouraged if these methods do not work for you. We’re all different! Good luck! 🙂

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