What I Eat in a Day | Healthy & Quick Recipe Ideas + Meal Prep!

Hey girls! Today I’m sharing what I eat in a day! For sure one of the questions I get asked the most. There’s tons of easy healthy recipe ideas I know you’re going to love! This is an average day for me (sometimes more / sometimes less) but hopefully it helps inspire you! Meals like these are what helped me lose weight & keep it off. The entire recipe book and meal plan are linked below if you want even more deliciousness!

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What I Eat In A Day | Quick Healthy Meal Options (Low Carb)

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♡ Hey guys! I hope you enjoy my go to meals. I’m not a fitness expert but have completely changed my diet the last few months. I’ve seen major results in my body. Leave your favorite go-to meal in the comments! ily

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Alternative Health Regen : Fallout 4 Quick Tips

Episode 7 of my quick tips for Fallout 4. In this episode we show some alternative ways to regen your health without having to use stimpacks all the time!

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What I Eat In A Day | Quick, Easy, & Healthy Recipes for the New Year!

I hope ya’ll enjoy this cooking video!! I’ve gotten so many requests to incorporate more cooking/lifestyle type videos on my channel so I have decided to do one per week if you guys enjoy them!

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2 Eggs Soft boiled
(bring water to boil and add your eggs, cover and turn your heat down to a simmer for 5 minutes)
1 Slice of whole grain bread (My favorite is Dave’s)
1/2 an avocado
Salt, Pepper, Red Chili Flakes & Olive oil

Naked Juice


Meal 2
Toasted almonds
Romain Lettuce & Chopped Kale
Cabbage Slaw
Crispy Lo Mein Noodles
Grilled chicken breast

1/4 C Just Mayo
3 Tbsp Honey
1 tsp dijon mustard
2 Tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar
1 Tsp Sesame Oil

Raw Peeled Shrimp
Salt, Pepper, Red Pepper Flake, Paprika, & Olive Oil
Cooked Quinoa (1 Cup)
1.5 C Sliced portabella mushrooms
2 Handfuls chopped kale
Feta Cheese
Toasted Pine nuts
black beans

Greek yogurt
Frozen Berries or fruit of choice
Chia Seeds
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Quick Workout: The 5-Minute One-Dumbbell Workout For Total-Body Toning from Women’s Health

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Detox Diet Plan for Fast Weight Loss | How to Quick Weight Loss with Detox Diet Recipes

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Today video is going to be Detox Diet Plan for Weight Loss | How to Quick Weight Loss with Detox Diet Recipes.

From 1 st of February, I start my next 15KG weight loss journey.

I prefer detox diet once in a week, for purification of my body.

I start my day with Turmeric Tea around 5:35AM than I take a sleep for next one hour.

In breakfast I prefer Strawberry and banana smooties, along with almonds, dates, chia seeds and chop apples.

after two hours of breakfast I take pomegranate seeds and oranges.

Lunch:- Vegetable sandwich with warm cup of green tea.

Evening:- Black coffee with 2 walnuts in gym

after 3 hours of workout, I prefer 2 slice of pineapples.

Dinner will be Vegetable salad with some cubes of paneer, in this salad I take broccoli, french beans, tomato and green capsicum.

Before going to sleep:- Half cup of warm water with spoon of apple cider vinegar.

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