PCOD / PCOS Diet Plan & Exercise Regime For Rapid Weight Loss | Lose 10 kg in 1 Month | Pooja Luthra

It is very difficult to lose weight for the women who are suffering from PCOS / PCOD. But it right kind of diet plan and exercise regime is followed, even pcod / pcos patients can lose weight very easily and rapidly. In this video, I am sharing a diet plan & exercise regime for PCOD/ PCOS patients. If you follow this routine, you can easily lose 8-10 kg of weight in just one month.

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Diet plan and exercise regime to conceive healthy baby – Dr. Teena S Thomas

Any age group, proper diet and exercise has to be maintained before you conceive. This is the basic thing which we need in India right now because people are less aware of the diet and exercise. So pre- pregnancy diet has to be on a diet of what all required. Now the first and foremost thing is folic acid, which is vitamin very necessary for the brain and spine development of the baby for preventing abortion, miscarriages. Should be started 2- 3 months before getting pregnant. This is available un all the green vegetables. But with our cooking, we destroy most of the folic acid which is available in our food. So the intake is very less and very less in non-vegetarians as such. So take in as a supplement. Secondly a proper balanced diet with high protein diet with average carbs and very less fat. This should be continued with plenty of fruits and salads as part of the diet. So around 2 -3 fruits per day and salads should become a part of the diet for a woman who is planning a pregnancy. Egg, one egg white per day is very good if you are planning a pregnancy. Last thing is exercise. Doing exercise, running, jogging or skipping or regular walk doesn’t take away the pregnancy that is coming. So there is nothing like you have to take permanent rest to get pregnant. Please continue the exercise that you are doing. Exercise should be a part of your pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, post pregnancy. That should be maintained. BMI is weight upon height in metre square. This every woman should calculate and normal is 19 – 25. So every woman should maintain a BMI of 19 -25 to say that they are healthy and fit for a pregnancy and it has to be maintained.
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My Top 5 Exercise and Fitness Regime Tips! | A Model Recommends

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