9 Nutrition Rules for Building Muscle | Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Strength

9 Nutrition Rules for Building Muscle | Jim Stoppani's Shortcut to Strength

Training for strength doesn’t mean diet goes out the window. You can absolutely maximize your results with what you eat and the supps you take. Here’s how!
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Rule 1 – Eat Plenty of Protein
Protein is the main driver of muscle growth and should be the number one priority in your nutrition plan. Strive for at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, and consider going as high as 1.5 grams per pound, especially when following an intense training regimen like this one.

Rule 2 – Eat (Protein) Frequently
Recent research suggests that consuming protein every 4-6 hours is optimal to maximize muscle growth, not 3 hours like I’ve told you to before. Why? This timeframe supposedly provides your muscle machinery with the resources it needs to maximize growth while also ensuring it has an adequate “break” soon after before repeating the process.

Rule 3 – Get Ample Fats
If protein is your highest priority, fat is next on the list. It plays a major role in supporting muscle growth, health, and performance, so don’t neglect it—period. My rule for fat intake is to consume half your body weight per day in grams of fat. That means a 180-pound individual will strive to consume 90 grams of fat per day.

Rule 4 – Manipulate Carbs
Everyone’s body responds to carbohydrates differently, so after you set your protein and fat intake, experiment with your carbohydrate intake to determine what works best for you. Aiming for 1.5-2.0 grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight (on a training day at minimum) is a solid starting place.

Rule 5 – Macronutrients Over Calories
I’m not a huge stickler on calorie amounts. Yes, calorie intake is important, but rather than focusing on a calories-first approach, I suggest building your diet from the macros up to ensure you’re providing your body with the necessary fuel to support strength gains. If you follow my above rules, your caloric intake will come out to be 15-19 calories per pound of body weight.

Rule 6 – Use a Protein Powder Blend
For me, the only thing better than whey or casein is whey and casein. When you blend these two protein sources, the fast-digesting whey will ensure you rapidly promote an anabolic (muscle-building) environment, while the casein will help you sustain it for a long time—maybe as long as 6-8 hours. This will reduce the time you spend in a state of muscle breakdown and maximize the time spent in a state of growth. To fully round out your protein shake, I suggest the inclusion of medium-speed digesting protein, too.

Rule 7 – Use Fast-Digesting Carbs After Workouts
Carbohydrates are your muscles’ primary fuel source during exercise. The greater the intensity and length of your training, the more the body depletes its carbohydrate stores. This happens! But when it does, you need to rectify it quickly.

Rule 8 – Take the Pre- and Post-Workout Supplement Essentioals
BCAAs, Beta-Alanine, Betaine, & Creatine

Rule 9 – Find What Works for you


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3 New Rules Of Fat Loss Training

3 New Rules Of Fat Loss Training

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Welcome to day 2 of launch week – Clark and Henry here.

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Today we’re gonna show you the first step to start improving your fat burning hormones… and getting the ripped body that you want.

Plus, we’ll be demonstrating one of the workouts from the new Six Pack Shortcuts 2 program.

If you tuned in yesterday, then you caught our 6 year celebration of Six Pack Shortcuts, plus our announcement of the all new SPS 2 program release and our specially designed hormone boosting training program that will get you ripped in 3 simple steps.

The first step of boosting your hormones – reduce your body fat levels.

Since one of the biggest indicators of poor hormone health is having excess belly fat, this issue must be fixed before we can focus on your hormone levels.

Leptin is your master fat burning hormone. It regulates your hunger cravings and it also helps the body to burn fat for fuel… But if you’ve got excess fat, your brain has a hard time receiving leptin’s signals.

So that’s exactly why the first step in the new six pack shortcuts 2 program is designed to melt off excess fat as fast as possible.

And when it comes to fat loss… The fastest proven way to drop fat fast is through afterburn training.

So today, Henry and I are going to show you one of our quick afterburn training sessions – with our new element called “scorch sets” which consists of 3 exercises performed back to back with no rest breaks.

Each move is done at 10 reps, and after each scorch set, we recommend you to take 20 to 30 seconds of rest.

But if you are advanced, you should take 10-15 seconds of rest between each scorch set. But after a few times of performing this workout, you need to aim to lower your rest periods. This is how you will be able to experience REAL progress and change.

Now let’s get into today’s afterburn training workout:

Scorch set 1 consists of burpees, dumbbell side bends, and skater jumps
Scorch set 2 consists of dumbbell good mornings, alternating reverse lunges, and leg layovers
Scorch set 3 consists of inchworm pushups, ankle taps crunches, and quick steps

To get the full afterburn effect with this workout, you’ll need to perform 3 total rounds, 10 reps for each exercise.

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And that’s all for day 2 of launch week guys… I’ll see you tomorrow!

Workout demonstrations:

4:48 – Burpee
5:11 – Dumbbell Side Bends
5:40 – Skater Jumps
6:06 – Dumbbell Good Mornings
6:35 – Reverse Lunges
6:55 – Leg Layovers
7:20 – Inchworm Push-up
7:37 – Ankle Tap Crunches
7:55 – Quick Steps

Thanks again for watching and celebrating Day 2 of our Launch week. Keep up with us as we continue giving away free prizes!

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