Com Mirza Daily Health Regimen Secrets

Recently Com Mirza was interviewed on along with 10 other successful entrepreneurs like Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez regarding their morning routines and regular diets. So we decided to create a quick video to show you his routine.

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In The Clinic 9 Health Secrets Regimen

My morning supplement routine
I have made personalized, compassionate Internal Medicine my #1 priority. I keep a limited number of patients as a private physician to ensure you will get my full attention whenever, wherever you need it.

In this channel, I focus on Anabolic Recovery Medicine (ARM) treating the negative health consequences of steroid use. I also touch on my Metabolic Doc practice, cardio-metabolic consultation services for those interested in maintaining optimal heart health.

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Nagarjuna Fitness Secrets Revealed | Top 10 Health Tips for Fitness | Health Tips | Gruha Lakshmi

Watch this video to know the secrets of Nagarjuna’s Fitness. You can follow the discussed top 10 health tips and stay healthy in your life.

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Sofia Vergara Dishes Her Fitness and Diet Secrets


Sofia Vergara is known for her incredible body, and now she’s revealing how she gets it! In this EXCLUSIVE interview with CELEBUZZ, Vergara dishes her secret diet and fitness tips.

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Hi DIY babes!!! Soooo many of you have told me that your new year’s resolutions involve getting fit! Whether that be to boost yo booty, cut out sugary drinks or try to walk for 30 mins everyday, I put together some of my best advice for achieving your goals! I’ve been on a fitness journey forever, and I’ve picked up a thing or two along the way that I hope will help you :). Also a reminder that this is what works best for ME. Do what makes you feel best on the inside and outside!! Hopefully you’ll find inspiration and motivation, and possibly take away something new!
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Virat Kohli Workout Routine Diet Plan | Mes Health |– Health Secrets

Virat Kohli Workout Routine Diet Plan | Mes Health |– Health Secrets

we all know that Virat Kohli has garnered a number of fans in the least amount of time. He is stylish, charming, aggressive and has an excellent presence in the field. The most awesome factor of his personality is his fit body that allows him to show some real moves on the field. He also has an ample amount of stamina that helps him to stay on crease for an entire day without breaking a sweat.

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10 Secrets To Lose Weight Without Exercise! Healthy Eating Tips

My 10 secrets to losing weight fast without exercise! Healthy eating tips to boost your metabolism, curb cravings, and feeling your best!

Hey beauties! I get a lot of questions on how I have lost weight fast, and what I do to eat healthy on a budget. First, I want to stress that you should switch your goal from losing weight to feeling your best. What you put in your body is so important not only for short-term effects (fatigue, stress, bloating, sadness) but long-term effects (preventing diseases and illness, living the longest, healthiest life!)

Once I changed my mindset, it became quite easy to drop the weight. My mood has improved by going vegan, and eliminating processed foods as much as possible. You don’t have to be vegan to use these tips, as these focus more on food substitutes! I hope my weight loss motivation and healthy eating tips inspire you to be the best version of yourself! When you put the right foods in your body, you will radiate happiness and confidence and inspire others to make the change! I love you guys so much! I am not a nutritionist, but I do inform myself with reputable resources. These are just tips that have worked for me and can help YOU!
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Kendall Jenner Shares Her Best Beauty & Diet Secrets

Kendall Jenner Shares Her Best Beauty & Diet Secrets

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Ever wonder how Kendall always looks flawless, fit and fabulous. Well now the supermodel is spilling all her beauty secrets.

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6-Pack Training Secrets – Best Training Tips

Ever wonder why you can train abs over and over again and still not get the results you’re looking for? Check out this video where James Grage reveals some simple secrets for getting 6-pack abs.
We’ll start out with a basic ab exercise, the crunch. Now,to properly do a crunch, think about bringing your head toward your knees instead of up toward the ceiling). Just make sure you don’t pull on your neck or head. As you can see here, this now gets a nice curvature in the lower spine and brings point A and B closer together. You should now feel a greater contraction throughout your entire abdominal region. Once you’ve mastered proper technique you can then add resistance into the exercise. High reps don’t build your abs or burn belly fat – you build your abs the same way you would build any other body part – with resistance.

Now, the hanging leg raise is actually an effective exercise when done correctly. To do it properly we need to get that pelvis tilted up. Instead of finishing in the top position, we’re going to use that as our starting point. From there we’re going to do a reverse crunch. Don’t think about bringing your knees up toward the ceiling but instead bringing them toward your head – just like we did with the crunch but in reverse. You can see here that we’re now getting good curvature in the spine, and bringing points A and B closer together, for maximum muscle contraction. Make sure you don’t use momentum and swing. Start with a slow and controlled movement and then squeeze at the top before coming back to the starting position. That squeeze is the most important part, so don’t rush it.

So now that you know what the function of your abdominals is you can apply this same discipline to any ab exercise. If it doesn’t meet this criteria of “shortening the distance between A and B” then it’s not the best bang for your buck when it comes to building your abs.

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