HOW TO start a Healthy Haircare Regimen for Natural Hair/Curly Hair!

Are you a new natural or curly girl and all this natural hair talk has you somewhat confused? Well this video should help!! LOL Here are the basics when it comes to building your hair regimen. Hope it helps!


Mint Almond Oil
Dew Berry Cowash
Babassu Shampoo
Babassu Protein Treatment

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How to Start Dietitian Shreya Diet Plan in 6 Simple Steps

Step 1 Enrol You Details

First step is to enrol you in our database. Enter your demographic details which will be asked for. After the field will be filled you be registered and will be provided a registration number.

The Perfect Plan– We are having wide range of plans with multiple parameters. Choose a plan that suits you from a versatile list. What are you waiting for? Click and move further. We a so keen to see you fit.

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Step 2 The Perfect Plan

We are having wide range of plans with multiple parameters. Choose a plan that suits you from a versatile list. What are you waiting for? Click and move further. We a so keen to see you fit. Most Meaningful Money- We know the value of your hard earned money. Feel free and pay as you will directed to the payment gateway. We bet you will get the best value for money for ever. Yay! There you go with the real thing further. Once the confirmation is done you will get an email and SMS regarding the successful transaction. Payment Modes Choose the packages from

Step 3 Welcome call

Introduction to the healthy word: Welcome the new family! You will be channelled to the literature including videos and handy diet tips along with the overview containing our scientific and timely tested strategies of working.

Step 4 I, Me and Myself

Before we move further, we want to know more about you. You will be asked to update your details like age, gender, sex, past medications, current medications, medical history, surgical history, pregnancy, family history and a bit of more. Food and Figures- We will be requiring your food and eating habits which are making you unhealthy. Apart from this you will be uploading your medical tests details which will be detailed initially. This will help us in treating you in better way.

Step 5 C you at Counselling

After doing a scientific analysis of the all the parameters provided to us, you will be given an audio/video call in which a deep and intensified session will be taken which will educate and provide you with your new diet plans in addition to the queries. You are free to take your time and ask whatever you want because we need to see you healthy and fit.

Step 6 You Won’t Miss Us

The best thing we believe in the divine relation. We won’t let you go like that. Your will be called weekly and will be asked for the progress report will all the laboratory tests. Keep them handy! We always hear well every time and we assure that will be same in your case too. More calls, more happiness. The journey will be smoother, healthier and fit. All you need is zeal and effort. No! You won’t be alone. We will help you each time, every time.
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HOW TO START EATING HEALTHY IN 2017 & STICK TO IT / 5 Simple Tips / Nika Erculj

HOW TO START EATING HEALTHY IN 2017 & STICK TO IT / 5 Simple Tips / Nika Erculj

With the start of 2017, everyone wants to have a healthier lifestyle. I share some tips on how you can start eating healthy, stick to it & change your life!
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Nika Erculj is a Slovenian youtuber & social media personality. She is very interested in fashion, mental and physical health, self help, beauty, astrology, writing and so much more. She loves sharing all of that + her personal life with her following.

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How to Start Eating Healthy | Healthy Eating on a Budget | Detoxing Green Juice Recipe

Welcome back Starling Fam! In my last video all about how to start a healthy lifestyle everyone wanted to know where to begin when it came to eating healthy and how to start eating healthy. With healty foods being much more pricey than unhealthy foods sometimes its hard – so in today’s video I show you how to eat healthy for inexpensive, when you’re ballin on a budget. I show you a yummy Green juice recipe also that is great at restarting your body and detoxifying your cells so you can start fresh and enjoy your new healthy eating lifestyle. Do your research and never stop trying new things! Enjoy!

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I am 19 years old, for those asking

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Hi I’m Tori Sterling, a 19 year old lifestyle beauty guru from the East Coast. I make a ton of videos involving makeup tutorials, fashion lookbooks, DIYs, get ready with me, vlogs, challenges, and much much more. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any videos and also follow me on my social media such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram to stay even more connected with me! See you in my next video!

Xoxo, Tori
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How To Start Weight loss – How To Stay Motivated – Advice For Fitness Beginner

My advice to fitness beginners. Heres my take on how to start weight loess, how to stay motivated and which exercises you should start with.

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How To Start Weight loss – How To Stay Motivated – Advice For Fitness Beginner
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How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle + My Workout Routine // #HeyHappiness

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What’s The Best Morning Fitness and Health Routine? Try these tips to start the day right!

What is the best morning routine? I hear this question all the time. Truth is, there’s no one routine to fit everyone, but there is an easy way to ensure you choose the best on for you. Watch the video to learn more.

Here’s more about how I organize my day (and why you should do it differently):


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How to Easily Start a Healthier Diet (When You love Junkie Foods!)

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I love junk food, but I do try to maintain a somewhat healthier diet everyday…so if I can do it, so can you! Learn how to easily start (and sustain) an everyday healthy diet with my QUICK TIPS! Remember to hit the LIKE button = ) SUBSCRIBE for a new video every Wed @ 10am to better yourself and your life:

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About Me: I’m Shaina, I’m a life coach and I love taking a vision (big or small) and making it a reality. My mission is to educate young people on everyday life skills that we aren’t taught in school, but are crucial in leading happy, successful lives.


Hey guys! Welcome back. I’m Shaina, for those of you who are new here. Today, I’m talking about how to easily start a healthy diet when you love junkie foods!

I grew up in the 90’s before organic was all the rage and processed foods were widely accepted so up until my mid twenties- I ate anything and everything, and I didn’t care what’s so ever. But about 2.5 years ago, I really changed my everyday diet (for overall health reasons). And I’m telling you that if I can do it, so can you. So let’s get started.


1.) What does healthy mean to you?

Obviously there are foods that are universally bad (me with a Cheetos bag) while others foods are necessary for a nutritious diet. But while some people think dairy is harmful to our bodies (GUILTY!), others think it’s perfectly fine. Some people think sugar is the devil while you may think gluten is a big no no.

Do some research about the different food groups and decide for yourself. And also, you know your body best and what foods its sensitive too. Pay attention to this. For example, if you have an overactive bladder, caffeine could be playing a major part, gluten can be harsh on the stomach, while dairy reeks havoc on the skin.

Figure out which food groups you want to eliminate & which ones you just want to cut back on. This is your starting point.


This is how I started eating a healthier diet. There are so many substitutions out there guys, some better than others (so it takes a little bit of trial and error), but with each small substitution it adds up to a big difference.

One of my biggest (and surprisingly easiest) substitutions was replacing milk (cow’s milk) with almond milk. Sidenote: I have not eaten a bowl of cereal in 3 years! And I loved cereal!! RIP frosted flakes and honey nut cheerios.

Anyway, when I switched to non-dairy milk and gave up processed cereals, it really proved to me that food doesn’t have the control that we sometimes think it does.

I now buy vegan butter, which taste EXACTLY like regular butter (if not better). Gluten free soy sauce. I do almond butter instead of peanut butter now. (Because peanuts are a highly inflammatory nut. And peanut butter and jelly is my jam so again if I can do it…) Bean tortilla chips versus corn. Wheat pasta versus regular. And the list goes on.

Look through your refrigerator and pantry and start browsing your local grocery store for healthier substitutions. There are so many possibilities to this. Get creative. It can actually be fun.


Now I know there are conspiracy theories with organic foods, so if I’m a sucker for buying organic, then so be it. But, I know it can get expensive. Trader Joes is a great option if you’re on a budget. Also, I know around here all the chain grocery stores have their own line of organic foods now, which are less expensive then say Whole Foods. So shop around. If it’s only in your budget to buy certain foods that are organic, my vote would be fruits and veggies. But again, you can do some research to suit your personal needs.

4.) Be conscious.

I’ve never kept a food log, but people swear by it. It holds you accountable. I just stay conscious throughout the day of which foods I’m putting into my body. And of course the foods you keep in your home will effect what you’re eating. So just pay attention all around.

5.) What foods are you absolutely not willing to give up, or at least not right now?

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Fitness Hacks That I ACTUALLY Use! Start A Healthy Lifestyle!

I hope you enjoyed these fitness hacks and that it motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle! xo Cambria Joy
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don’t forget that being fit is not a destination it is a way of life. 🙂
and being healthy is NOT just about how you look, it is so much deeper than that. I challenge you to find “your healthy” 🙂