HEALTH / FITNESS UPDATE | Sharing My Struggles + Full Body Fat Burning Circuit Workout

HEALTH / FITNESS UPDATE | Sharing My Struggles + Full Body Fat Burning Circuit Workout

Keeping it extraaaa real with you guys in this video! Hopefully it answers a lot of questions you’ve all been asking and I definitely feel a weight lifted off my chest after sharing my struggles ❤

3-5 rounds of…
1. Burpee + plank jack + (low) box jump x 10 reps
2. Alternating toe taps x 10 reps per foot
3. Lateral squat shuffles x 10 per side
4. Elevated reverse lunge x 10 reps per side
5. Jump rope x 100 reps
6. Med ball squat to throw x 15 reps
7. Plank “up downs” x 10 reps (up,up,down,down = 1)
8. Med ball table top crunches x 10 reps (ball up + ball down = 1 rep)


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Changing Bad Eating Habits – My Struggles to Eat Healthy Food True Story

I have pretty much put an end to the junk food. However last night I found myself doing something I didn’t even want to do and that’s to go to the store and buy junk food. Changing my bad eating habits to good eating habits will take some time and you might be having these same problems. But you can do it!!! I really want to eat healthy food and how I deal with these urges will determine how fit I will be in the future. I just can not believe this happen the first night of the New Year Weight Loss Challenge. Well, I didn’t get that food and I wont stress over it. Getting in shape will be a life style change, this includes changing bad eating habits and dealing with the urges when they arise. You can eat healthy food and you can do this, its just a matter of will power and changing the way you look at food.
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