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I will give you Weight loss Tips that are backed by Science and Experience and will improve your health rather than ruining it by following advice from people who don’t know the problems faced when we follow such restrictive diets.

Please save yourself from those diets. After all HEALTH IS WEALTH.

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I do not follow strict diets.


Currently I am at 1600 calories, 100 gm protein, 45 gm fats and 200 carbs.

My Diet Staples include: Soya Chunks, Curd, Eggs, Chicken Breast, Mackerel Fish, Prawns, Peanuts (Peanut Butter recipe is in one of my videos), Flax Seeds, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Bananas, Cocoa powder, Kellogs Chocos, spinach.

The quantity of all the above items depends on my macros.

I have a bad sweet tooth, I eat sweet all day!

I use Stevia (artificial sweetener) to sweeten my curd and black coffee that I have pre workout. I try to not use whey protein everyday and try my best to get maximum amount of protein for food sources.

I eat 150 grams of soya chunks every single day without fail.

To see what I eat, you can add me on MyFitnessPal @parnalization where I track each and everything I eat on a daily basis.

I am unable to record full days of eating videos at home since my new house is under renovation and my current house is very small and I cant film in there.


GYM is needed to achieve the results I have achieved.

I WORK VERY VERY VERY HARD at the gym. I dont think about diet so much, I eat anything withing my calories and macros. The main thing is my training at the gym.

I am unable to show you my workouts, since I have to take a new gym membership where recording videos is allowed. And I am trying to save some money for the membership as you know I have to get my house renovated and I have to invest in that.


Kindly have patience. I am trying my best to give out information. Once the house is renovated and I have money to get gym membership, I WILL SHOW YOU EVERYTHING. I PROMISE!

I am very new to YouTube. I am still learning to make better videos. This channel i only made to help people who genuinely need help.

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I love you my supporters who have trust in me. I will make you fit. Just like I made myself fit.

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