WHAT I ATE TODAY | MEN’S DIET | Healthy lifestyle & Easy meal ideas | Alex Costa

WHAT I ATE TODAY | MEN'S DIET | Healthy lifestyle & Easy meal ideas | Alex Costa

Live a healthy lifestyle! This is everything I eat in one day!
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Topic of discussion: What is your favorite meal of the day?

Here are some healthy and easy meal ideas if you’re trying to stay lean! I’ve been eating light lately and there is nothing better. Some of the recipes in this video are also vegan, and super healthy if you’re trying to lose weight. Not only that, but I made sure to show you easy meals so you won’t have a hard time making any of these easy healthy and lean meals!

Here is what I eat in a day or what I ate today:

Protein Bar from FitJoy: https://www.fitjoynutrition.com/products

4 Strawberries
1 Banana
1 Tblsp of Oatmeal
Frozen berries
Whey Protein

Hollywood Bowl Salad at Sweet Greens

1 Filet of Tilapia
1 Baked potato
Green beans
Jasmine Rice

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What I Ate Today | My Diet | Healthy Lifestyle

Hey Loves! My most asked questions are related to my health and fitness so I thought I would film a video showing what I eat in a day! I am not saying that how I eat is perfect or “right” but it works for me! Hope you all enjoy! If you do, please give this video a THUMBS UP & PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! xoxo

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What I Ate Today! (Quick & Healthy Food Ideas) | Annie Jaffrey

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What I Ate Today | Healthy & Easy Food Ideas (Vegan) | Eman

Hi Guys! This is my first ever What I Ate Today video! I’ve always wanted to do these types of videos because I watch them on YouTube all the time and I find them so helpful. I love getting healthy, quick, easy food ideas and these videos always give me inspiration I hope you guys find this video helpful and if you want to see more be sure to hit the LIKE button!!
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What I Ate Today / Plant Based, Vegan Healthy Meals & Recipes

-What I Eat in a Day Vegan – What I Ate on Plant Based diet –
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I thought it was about time I did another of these What I Eat in a day videos! I made this last week and knew I just had to share some of my favourite vegan, plant based healthy recipes! I hate cooking but love Asian/Spicy flavours so tend to incorporate that a lot into my daily diet! Let me know if you want more What I Ate videos!

Chocolate Almond Porridge
1/2 Cup Oats
1/2 Cup Chocolate Almond Milk
1/2 Cup Water
1 Teaspoon of Almond Butter

Microwave all ingredients as per Oatmeal package instructions

Thai Noodle Wraps
Recipe here – http://www.llymlrs.com/2016/01/thai-noodle-lettuce-wraps-vegan.html

Sweet Potatoes & Avocado Dip
Cut Sweet Potatoes into fries, season with Lime Pepper Salt and pop in the oven on 220C for 30 mins. I dont use oil but make sure to put them on some baking parchment if you dont because they will stick to the pan.
Smash Avocado in peel, mix with salt, garlic powder and chilli to taste
Cut a lime, chop some cilantro and add on top of hot sweet potato fries.

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What I ate today | Healthy & Detox Meal Ideas

What I ate today | Healthy & Detox Meal Ideas

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