6 thoughts on “Teal Swan – Vibration of Food, Diet, Health

  1. i was on a spiritual journey and trying to decalcifying my pineal gland/opening my third eye for a long time before i started a plant based diet and i was slowly awakening but once i started a plant based diet(mostly raw, living foods) and cut out all animal products it was a crazy fast almost overwhelming but amazing, beautiful spiritual awakening. totally life changing and for the better. i feel SO amazing. and I've been able to heal my body while maintaining my ideal body weight effortlessly. it's been an incredible experience.

  2. Serious question… she said that if she eats "junk food" she would get violently ill because it's not a vibrational match…. but she has also said that something can't be in your reality unless it IS a vibrational match…. so if she was a match to being served steak and french fries why/how would it make her sick? Thank you btw!!!

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