The 5 Components of Health Related Fitness

The 5 Components of Health Related Fitness

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18 Responses to The 5 Components of Health Related Fitness

  1. PastelCake !! says:

    School stuff is sksksksk

  2. Drew Fehlinger says:

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:

    Gym teachers wanting to use this video no students will pay attention to: yeet

  3. Drew Fehlinger says:

    I will never watch this again because I’m required too

  4. FifteenTwentyTwo Studios says:

    Literally most people watching this are doing it for school.

  5. Jackson Harmas says:

    10/10 would watch again.

  6. Drew Fehlinger says:


  7. atomic_yt says:

    I’m at school

  8. Nuwan Tissera says:


  9. No Thanks says:

    Flexibility, mobility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, aerobic, anaerobic, mental & physical composition.

  10. jj jj says:

    sup carlos

  11. Xandrathegamergirl Lozada says:

    Thx love it wish me luck for our test tomorrow at school 😇🤣 thx

  12. Nikola Janeski says:


  13. Conner Hebebrand says:

    oofer gang

  14. Brodrick Jordan says:

    I hate gyym

  15. Christian Uttal says:

    Me third

  16. Kenzy Elbanna says:

    I’m second yassss

  17. Foster Keebaugh says:

    im first too comet

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