The Ideal Female Weight Loss Diet Meal Plan | How To Meal Prep

The Ideal Female Weight Loss Diet Meal Plan | How To Meal Prep

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20 thoughts on “The Ideal Female Weight Loss Diet Meal Plan | How To Meal Prep

  1. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video! Quick Disclaimer: If you are already fairly lean & are currently weight training then this diet would definitely need some adjustments as you most likely have a faster metabolism & aren't facing any insulin resistance issues. If your primary goal is weight loss & you have 30+ pounds you want to lose then this should be a good starting point. Keep in mind that EVERYONE is different & we all have unique nutritional needs so a 105 lb girl eating 2200 calories a day is the exception, not the norm. As with anything you should always experiment first & see what works best for your body. Much Love Everybody ❤️

  2. Pleaseee make more videos for woman !! The woman of fitness on YouTube don't go into detail and don't focus on food this is so helpful.

  3. I have a few questions. So all these 5 meals are meals for 1 day (the same day)? Also, can you take the protein shake before going to the gym?

  4. I have been looking for a great meal plan and I am glad I stumbled across your video. Would love to see some more meal plans like this! Thanks!

  5. Thank you for sharing your recipes. I'm eating around 1715 calories a day and losing a lb. a week. Your ideas are gonna be great add ins for my plan. Thank you!

  6. I love this! I've been trying to lose the weight I gained from having my daughter back in December. Watching videos of skinny, perky females I THOUGHT would motivate me but I realize they just depress me because I don't look like that. You're so positive and upbeat and I don't feel (jealous?) watching you because I can focus on what you're saying and not a perfect female physique that makes me hate myself. Please keep doing these!!

  7. I really like you and your channel. But i gotta say a starting meal plan at 1260 seems awful to me. You may have cleares this up somewhere and i just missed it

  8. I am allergic to artifical sweetners like splenda sucralose nutrisweet aspertame even stevia. What would be a protein shake that you recommend that doesnt have artifical sweetners? Thanks

  9. Wow, thanks a lot! This is probably one of the easiest plans I've been able to find that actually has foods I like. Will definitely be trying this!

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