The Low Carb Diet Explained

Learn the benefits and disadvantages of following a low carb diet for weight loss. → Sponsored by 100%Food – find out more about the Ultra Low Carb Meal Powder here:

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Rob Riches is a UK-born fitness cover model, athlete and competitor, making videos to help inspire, motivate and educate those looking to build a fitter, stronger & healthier body. He is a published author with a book about macro-nutrition (called Ultra Lean), and regular writes columns for Muscle & Fitness.

20 thoughts on “The Low Carb Diet Explained

  1. What rubbish, the low-carb diet is not based on calories at all. It's based on German theories about fat metabolism: I cut out all carbo-hydrates two years ago and I was just fine, dude.

  2. you don't cut out all carbs in a low carb diet, then it's a keto diet god damnit fucking roid riches

  3. Are you seriously telling people to eat some bagged up processed powder instead of fruits rice and potatoes?

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