The SquADD Gets Healthy | Inside The Office

Kev puts a mandatory diet policy into place after a tragic incident.


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Starring: Tahir Moore, Patrick Cloud, KevOnStage, Precious Hall, Doboy, Denzel Lee
Producer: Denzel Lee
Director: Patrick Cloud
Director of Photography: Carlos Medina
Camera Operator: Herbie Wei
Sound Mixer: Marlon Clark
Post Supervisor: John Norris
Video Rating: / 5

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20 Responses to The SquADD Gets Healthy | Inside The Office

  1. andrea leon says:

    That chronicle bonnet on Pat's head tho.😁

  2. XO Purified says:

    "I've been anxious to kill a muthafucka & if I don't get some muthafuckin food fast you gon be the mothafucka that I muthafuckin kill! " 💀

  3. Jacksyn Livingston says:

    Why did Kev react like he wasn't the one that told them the dude passed and reacted like he just found out

  4. Blaze Da Gr8 says:

    Tahir brought the gun out and lose it I was done 😂😂😂

  5. Kenfolk Sage says:

    Tahir pulled a gun out lol wtf

  6. freezergang1 says:

    That gun😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Leland Canty says:

    I am not alone 😂😂😂😂

  8. Casston Day says:

    Precious in the beginning😂😂

  9. twotimesspecial says:

    How you don't get the Joe Jackson reference?!

  10. Edgardo Sandoval says:

    You guys need some acting classes haha

  11. Young Money says:

    If you want a real diet just go on a gum diet just chew gum when your hungry it tricks your brain into thinking you eating

  12. mypeepee inurmom says:

    3:07 Precious is soooo precious ❤️

  13. Yulissa Salcedo Caraballo says:

    I’ll do the fruit diet. I love fruits!!

  14. Shaka Bunga says:

    Doboy does not even like fruit

  15. Greatest Ever says:

    I love how everyone laughs a Pats jokes because they don’t want to get fired

  16. Robert Grace says:

    Tahir: I been anxious to shoot a m*******

  17. ¥oshi Xo says:

    Lmaoooooooooooo when he pulled the gun on Pat for giving them empty containers

  18. ¥oshi Xo says:

    Lmaooooooo everyone knows the only baby food that’s good is the fruits

  19. Syte Jackson says:

    This is why Tahir isnt ADD anymore…he didn't sign them diet waivers

  20. 12on12off - says:

    I bet it stinks n there

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