Tip For Starting A Cutting Diet

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20 thoughts on “Tip For Starting A Cutting Diet

  1. In Sweden, its actually cheaper to eat clean and healthy than fast food 🙂 so cutting isnt a moneyissue here 🙂 but ppl ate lazy as fuck and just shove burgers, pizza, kebab and whatnot :p

  2. Man that story was to funny…but I feel ya on the expense on the food…them bags of berry and chicken tenders be adding up… at lease I don't have to worry about them crazy chicken heads like u had..lmbo. ..

  3. I watched a guys channel called Brandon carter and he was rude to someone who unsubscribed. that dude Brandon is a jackass. you seem legit and humble. I'll subscribe and like

  4. Damn! Just the other day I had this predicament, I was hungry as hell and it was either KFC 2 peace or a health bread sandwich. Guess who won

  5. I am starting my cut Nov. 1st 2015. I am nervous and excited. My hubby is used to cutting but I am not so I am looking at your vids for some insight. Nothing cool about a girl busting up your car btw. I'd beat down anyone (man or woman) for doing for touching my $#it.

  6. +PumpChasers hey Chris i wanna bulk but i think i got too much body fat % to start i got around 15 to 17%
    what % is good to start bulking??

  7. I use you as my inspiration to be healthy both physically and mentally. Not many people can relate to the "struggle", but I certainly do. Keep it up bro, you aspire me.

  8. try to cut I just get back from off of open heart surgery about three years ago and Iam still trying to workout but Iam trying to lose weight but I may have to have surgery again but Iam still trying to do dis what can I do need help

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