Top 10 SUPERFOODS for DIABETES Control | Type 2 Diabetes

Watch ►Top 10 SUPERFOODS for DIABETES Control | Type 2 Diabetes

Hello Friends:
Today I am going to share information about health and beauty tips, Kill Diabetes Forever, Top 10 Healthy Foods For Beating Diabetes

Here are 10 SUPERFOODS that are especially good for those with diabetes.
• Tomatoes.
• Blueberries and Other Berries.
• Oranges and Other Citrus.
• Wild Salmon and Other with Omega-3 Fatty Acid Fish.
• Walnuts, Flax seeds, and Other Nuts/Seeds.
• Beans.
• Kale and Other Leafy Green Vegetables.
• Barley, Lentils, and Other Whole Grains.
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20 thoughts on “Top 10 SUPERFOODS for DIABETES Control | Type 2 Diabetes

  1. can i use this ingredients with my medicine….?aur these ingredients along with medicine cause some effect? pls answer my question

  2. Hard to understand a word of what she is saying but having said that these ‘remedies’ seem to make some sense so I will give them a try.

  3. Im a girl I'm 16 I'm 5'9 I weigh 196 pounds but I don't look overweight???? I'm getting some symptoms like urinating all the time asoon as I eat I'm literally hungry straight after. I'm oversleeping, always tired I hate this so much only the past 2/3 weeks I've been getting these symptoms. If its diabetes does anyone know how to stop it before it gets worseee???? I'm so scared

  4. So if your pancreas produces 0 insulin and you take inaulin injections these "remedies" will help your pancreas to produce insulin again?
    I don't think so. They may help to lower or control blood glucose, but these foods will not cure Type 1 Diabetes. I have Type 1 Diabetes for 21 years and my pancreas produces NO insulin at all. I have to provide that insulin to my body by injection. While I agree these foods may help control blood glucose, they will not cure diabetes. There is NO cure.

  5. Anyone who has access to insulin, should skip this video. If anyone is desperate or stupid enough to try this, make sure to at least test your blood sugar levels often. You will learn soon enough that this is no way to manage diabetes.

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