Top 3 Gym Chains in America | Why LA Fitness is Tops | Tiger Fitness

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Marc Lobliner and Steve Shaw review the top 3 gym chains in America including Gold’s Gym, 24 Hour Fitness and LA Fitness.

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Top 3 Gym Chains in America | Why LA Fitness is Tops | Tiger Fitness

Tiger Fitness

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20 Responses to Top 3 Gym Chains in America | Why LA Fitness is Tops | Tiger Fitness

  1. stone sherrill says:

    My fam goes to planet fitness. Its basic but has all the necessary equipment and its cheap

  2. Jose cervantes says:

    Bs this guys got paid for this vid lol

  3. Jonathan Allen says:

    And if you look at all of their old commercials on YouTube, LA Fitness has a rich history; they were first a series of gym chains that were scattered all over the country and using the same "body" logo (President's Health Clubs, Chicago Health Clubs, Holiday Spa Health Clubs, Pacific West Health Clubs, Vic Tanny, and Jack LaLanne Health Clubs) before most of them were absorbed into Bally Total Fitness.

  4. César Alvaro says:

    la fitness has no bumper plates

  5. Vaultdweller117 says:

    Aye wiscansin but mist of our golds got replaced by xpierince
    But im in LA now 🙏🏻

  6. Edward B says:

    LifeTime fitness is nice. Id say they are number one.

  7. Josh Domantay says:

    UFC Gym (Signature Club) is so underrated! Best gym for me. 24 hrs and top notch equipment with lots of unique facilities (Octagon Ring, Wrestling Mats, Long Horizontal Bars, etc.) esp. catered toward martial artists.

  8. Mike H says:

    Retro fitness

  9. westley see says:

    if you go to the bay la fitness is city sports same club but i just hate that they're not 24 hours open

  10. Ahmad Masood says:

    You guys are just advertising LA gym , it can’t be better then 24 fitness, gold gym or NASA gym , LA gym is small , is not open 24 hours, and has less location, just because u guys work out there, doesn’t make it the best. And stop using steroids, you guys are having hard time breathing,

  11. Highlander72 B says:

    Nice video guys… use the power of the internet to get to LA FITNESS Corp to open up 24hrs…..!!!

  12. Anthony Edgar says:

    I worked out at the LA in Elgin for a while (on randall) a beautiful place. Cant compare here in michigan unfortunately.

  13. waffal66 says:

    It sucks working at LA though

  14. Danny Castro says:

    doesnt matter where you train when your juicing like these dudes. trading your cock and balls and going bald for muscle mass. no thanks brah

  15. jake naar says:

    LA Fitness is too crowded. There's people there to swim, play basketball, play racquetball and lift weights. That's way too many people in my way when I'm working out

  16. Daniel San says:

    Hey I’m from mason Ohio

  17. Jay Neal says:

    Dudes look bogus lol let the air out

  18. RJ Angus says:

    What's your reaction to Anytime Fitness? 🙂🙂

  19. Mia Johnson says:

    I've had memberships at LA Fitness, 24 Hr Fitness, Chuze Fitness.
    I visited Planet Fitness, Golds Gym, and my garage.
    My ratings are as follows: Chuze Fitness B+, 24 Hous C-, LA Fitness D.
    My criteria (not necessarily in any order) are as follows:
    Membership Cost, Cleanliness, Staff, Personal Goals, Locker Room,
    Availability of Machines, Crowd, Hours of Operations, Location, Safety, Parking, Management.
    There are pros and cons in each gym. Your overall experiences
    may differ due to location, management, and personal goals.

  20. btvbrndn says:

    The 24’s in my area are all 24 hours. There’s also more of them around in my area which is funny because I also live right by Irvine which is where their HQ is lol
    I have been to 24’s in other cities and they’ve been pretty consistent. LA fitness does seem cleaner but the main reason why I haven’t switched is because they aren’t 24 hours

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