Top 5 Facts About Eating Meat

It’s a regular part of many people’s diets around the world, but just how healthy and necessary is meat? Welcome to WatchMojo’s top 5 facts. In today’s installment, we’re looking at the most interesting facts about the practice of meat eating, one of mankind’s oldest traditions that is slowly being questioned. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

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20 thoughts on “Top 5 Facts About Eating Meat

  1. Well I don't have to worry about food running out I know how to kill my own deer and gut them and prepare them for dinner

  2. Meat does not cause cancer – Lions don't get cancer. ..
    It's all the shit that is put in that cause cancer. All of the anti-biotic and chemicals that they put into the animals.

    Also seems that these people are pretty ignorant – claiming that an animal requires so and so many gallons of water seems just extremly dumb to me – They should get a class on eco systems and how water is recycled –

    the animals urinate and some will vaporize and some of it the plants will use it's nutrition to grow…It's all in a cycle.

    Vegtable is the most nutritional food that we can eat and the most healthy – but it's chemical free plants.
    But we need meat, eggs , and fish as well..

  3. Warning…repeated viewings of this video will cause DECREASED TESTOSTERONE and menstruation in men…followed by increased BOOB size…

  4. Hi, please watch:
    – Earthlings (narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, vegan)
    – Cowspiracy (produced by Leo Dicaprio, vegan)
    – What the Health
    – Gary Yourofsky's speech on youtube

  5. The sick or sixth fact.
    The corporate phylosophy of eating your mistakes means that the crossbreeding, hunting, trapping using animals for food, clothing, sport is a mistake and therefore wrong.

    Fact seven
    eating meat is the practice of beastiality because you are combining animal DNA with human DNA.

    Fact eight
    it is the practice of necropholia because of the consumption of dead flesh and mixing of DNA claiming you enjoy it.

    fact nine
    males putting male animal meat in their mouth would be a form of homosexuality and bisexuality.

    fact ten
    since animals made us through their combined depth of linear amassed thought over time and thus their giving birth and creating humans which makes them the true God of humans. It is blasphemy to eat them according to religion.

  6. Animal products are unnatural (except insects), unnessesary, unhealthy and anstonishing bad for the enviorment. The oceans will already be dead by 2048 and the rainforests gone.

  7. 1.Vegetables (fiber) are indigestible in humans! 2. Our cecums are useless.3. We can't utilize cellulose.4. They (veggies) are also sentient life forms.5. Vegetables suck! Eat meat-the Perfect Human diet!

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