25 thoughts on “Top 5 Fitness Myths – Best Tips for Losing Weight for Good – Staying Fit While Traveling

  1. Do you guys like the individual questions or the longer videos where we
    group topics together, like this one? Let us know, we’re always listening
    to you!

  2. There are way more than 5 Fitness Myths out there – What are some of the
    myths you hear most often that bug you the most?

  3. I hear this a lot, “If I am not sweating, I am not working!” I choose to do
    a little throughout the day, is that useless?

  4. Hey guys, I have been following your workouts for a few months now and am
    feeling great! I can’t thank you enough!

    I have a question I thought I’d ask: Multiple times you mention flexibility
    along with strength and cardio endurance as areas of fitness. I am strong
    enough now to follow most of your workouts but I have never been the most
    flexible person (particularly in the lower body, can’t touch my toes
    etc…) and I feel like my form might suffer because of it. My question is,
    should I be doing some extra stretching or exercises to improve my
    flexibility, or is it ok to let it improve naturally as I continue to work

  5. i just really wanted to thank you guys for your work: one year ago i
    suffered from bulimia, was depressed and had troubles appreciating my body.
    Once i started to follow your advices and try your workouts, little by
    little i felt more energetic, healthy and happy, to the point i didn’t care
    what my body looked like as long as i felt so good. Still, later on, i got
    the results i had been looking for for years. you’re the best.

  6. dear kelly, dear daniel! ive been following you channel more than two years
    now, and never written a comment or anything, i never do that on any
    channel. but your work is so great, i wanna thank you from all my heart. im
    thankful for you helping me, and that there are still people out there who
    do things not just because of profit. you teach us REAL things, helpful
    things and also beautiful ones. a huge THANK YOU for all of that. greetings
    from austria. 

  7. I can’t afford freeweights right now as I am between jobs and money is
    tight for now, could bodyweight provide enough resistance for strength

  8. Hello, I have been using your videos for couple of weeks now and feel
    really good. Having no time to go for a gym I’m currently working out at
    home in the morning before my workday. Congratulations for great work and
    please keep doing it!

  9. I have a question, do you have to sweat to burn calories??? Please it would
    wonderful if someone answered!!

  10. Hi, I love your videos, but I think it would have been better to make three
    separate videos instead of one. It’s way more clear and easier to find what
    you’re looking for if you make a separate video for every topic. And I
    personally don’t like 20-minute-long talk videos.
    Just a little suggestion. :)

  11. I’m in fairly good shape, but need low impact workouts because of my knees.
    Any chance that a low impact HIIT/interval, longish workout is in the
    planning stages? I adore you two. Thanks for being there and keeping me
    sane. :)

  12. I’ve actually gained a lot of muscle lately – I’ve been following your
    Thigh & Butt workout Vids and it has been working but I am seeking to get
    smaller thighs and a toned butt but it’s just becoming more muscular. It’s
    very frustrating, it’s like I’m not becoming skinnier – muscle is just
    appearing in places that I don’t really want :/

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