TOP 5: Gym Tips for Beginners

Top 5 Gym Myths for Beginners
By Kuldeep Sidhu w/ Tiger Style Training

Personal Trainer | South Bay Area, California
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20 thoughts on “TOP 5: Gym Tips for Beginners

  1. i joined gym just yesterday. and my body is literally paining . How often should i go to the gym during the frst weeks??

  2. Thanks for the tips…

    BTW Today was my first day of gym .I did some cardio and basic exercise. Now i am feeling very fresh and energetic!!!

  3. Anyone got a good gym routine I can use cus its my first time going and ok don't know what to do cus I can't use weights cus u have to be over 16 at my gym

  4. Ok how about effective work outs for getting rid of tummy, back, thigh and under chin fat for beginners? Because their the parts of my body i hate the most also i want more confidence which something i'm lacking in and i never know how many days a week i should go or how long it will take until i start seeing results and thats what usually makes me give up on going to the gym or even if there are foods i should avoid. Must admit i'm not big on dieting or starving all through i did avoid eating breakfast a couple times to avoid being late for work and instead had an up and go.

  5. ive been thinking about starting to go to the gym but i always get self conscious and pussy out xD because i think in my head that it would be awkward if i walk in there and do not know how to use any equipment but the running machine and wont be able to tell if my form is always wrong etc.. how did you convince yourself to start going?

  6. Haven't been in the gym in 2 and a half years. Starting today with firm dvds and getting a membership tomorrow! Ready for this journey

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