14 thoughts on “Top 5 Ways to Fight Fat w/ Elizabeth – HASfit Best Ways to Burn Fat and Burn Calories

  1. Video Games always help me to distract myself when get hungry for some
    sweets. Movies/TV on the other hand have the opposite effect.

  2. I am 14 right now, a frshman. I plan to start dieting and lose fat in my
    colege because now is the time when’re I eat everything and lose it when I
    get older. But now I am still eating healthy. In the morning I eat yogurt,
    penut butter, and apples. After working out I eat apples and protein shake.
    Like this if you do the same

  3. dont worry, if you fall with your skateboard holding an ipad, you still can
    use your footage on failarmy ;-)

  4. that girl is so cute lol i agree with all the above mentioned especially
    moving and lifting weights. To add in some of my fav ways on top of all of
    those would be to drink more water, take the stairs, bike or walk to work
    or around work during a break ( goes a long with moving lol), track your
    calories ( perspective is important)

  5. Alright, the last tip isn’t that important. I hope people don’t get carried
    away with that one.

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