Top Fat Loss Dieting Tips Amer the Hammer and Dylan Thomas discuss why your diet may be failing you and how to improve your diet so that you stop failing.
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15 thoughts on “Top Fat Loss Dieting Tips

  1. I’ve heard in regards to diet that as you lose weight you may want to
    actually increase your calories to continue to burn fat instead of cutting
    the caloric intake. Is this true? when do you do this? or should you do it
    from the start?

  2. What’s up amer, quick question! Do you think it’s a good idea to get a mile
    warm up run before eating in the morning to crank up my system and then
    fuel up about 1 hr prior to my resistance /weights workout? Just wondering
    if it’s senseless or not! 

  3. I’m in pretty good shape but as I’m Asian, the food my family cook is
    healthy but very hard to measure, so I have to basically wing it day to day
    and just keep an eye on my body. I

    I know I should be measuring everything to the T to get the last % or two
    of fat off but it’s way too difficult. So I’ve incorporated a little HIIT
    into my workouts, just to balance out my unmeasured food intake.
    Dnt really know what else I could be doing?!

  4. Hi Amer, first thank you for sharing all theses awesome videos! 🙂
    I have a question, what is the ideal way for girls to get shredded and cut
    % body fat? Is it best to follow a low carb high protein diet plan to get
    more muscles appearing? :)

  5. I tend to go off and on with working out. Ill head to the gym everyday for
    a couple of weeks while lessening my intake of sugars. Usually I won’t see
    a difference and quit. I’m trying to actually make a change this time but I
    have a couple questions..1) so are you guys saying that it is okay to eat
    not necessarily healthy foods at moderation on a daily basis, that
    better than a cheat day? Also, what is a realistic starting point for
    working out? Are ellipticals and treadmills pointless machines..should I be
    taking more challenging classes?

  6. Thanks a lot for the video! I learned some new things watching this and
    can’t wait to keep it mind when eating/dieting… Thanks!!

  7. Can you guys make a excel spreadsheet diet schedule or something, cuz what
    you guys are talkin’ about is so on spot! 

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