25 thoughts on “Total Gym Girl – Upper Body Workout

  1. gimmick. I tried it and lasted 2 weeks and switched to free weights. The
    machine gets tiresome and limiting. Nothing like exercising on your own
    two feet.

  2. Omg thank you so much my bf it’s 25 & he is an adonis beautifully built
    muscles & tan & I’m 46 & I really want to get into shape my tummy it’s the

  3. I forgot some of these, especially working the back with the rowing and
    surf paddling technique. Awesome reminder.

  4. Thank you so much for posting your video and sharing your Total Gym wisdom.
    I finally know how to effectively work my abs on my Total Gym XLS. 

  5. SmackMule- I can tell you know nada about nada, I don’t own this type of
    equipment, but is it a good home tool to have for all of the different
    exercises and stretches you are able to do. 20 minutes of these a day, is
    much better than sitting down watching tv with a beer or chips in your hand
    for 1 hour. Mr Norris endorses it, then it’s good.

  6. Elle est super belle, mais Sherry, c’est tout pour le look ! Elle a du
    faire un peu de plastic surgery, pour avoir les yeux aussi beaux que la
    femme donald duck, Daisy je crois…

  7. Actually if you are the typical middle age male and classified as obese as
    most are, this the perfect piece of exercise equipment to lose weight and
    get toned. I lost over 80 lbs using this over 7 months and changing my
    diet. While I have moved on to free weights and other fitness methods more
    than just the this alone, the Total Gym will always be a core piece in my
    home gym. Kudos to the gal in this video! It’s a great video and should be
    inspiring to women to get in shape and be healthy. Kee

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