19 thoughts on “Train For Your Body Type: Free Weight Loss Workout Plan To Help You Embrace Your Shape!

  1. My body type is thin and never changed of my life! Happy for me! I’m
    working for grow and tone my muscles! ;)

  2. Get a FREE body-type specific, customized plan for your specific shape with
    our NEW “Train for Your Body Type” program!

  3. Thank you jessica,, i cant know my body shape can you help me,, i m a 168
    cm tall and 84 k i have kind of big arms*-* and i have big thighs and i
    work hard to lose wieght in this place but cant see real result but also i
    am curvy ..so am i an hourglass or pear shape..please please help me

  4. I’m an apple, and looking to lose 80+ pounds! 🙁 I can’t wait to try the
    workout, thank you so much Jessica Smith!

  5. Wow thank u soo much ur great and I love ur workouts u always have an
    awesome attitude and u motivate me when I don’t feel like working out!!

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