Trainer To The Stars Reveals How To Lose Weight Like A Celebrity | TODAY

Trainer To The Stars Reveals How To Lose Weight Like A Celebrity | TODAY

Ben Bruno is the man behind some of the best bodies in Hollywood, including Kate Upton and Jessica Biel. He walks TODAY’s Al Roker and guest co-host Jaimie Alexander through a typical day’s diet for his clients. He says egg yolks are actually good for you: the egg white trend is a thing of the past!
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Trainer To The Stars Reveals How To Lose Weight Like A Celebrity | TODAY
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18 Responses to Trainer To The Stars Reveals How To Lose Weight Like A Celebrity | TODAY

  1. bob Angelo says:

    Lady sif would MURDER you asgardian style !!!!!

  2. yerb says:

    Very sad to see no starches on the breakfast and lunch plates. That's not healthy, normal, or satisfying. I would add 4 servings of whole starches to each of those meals. Just eating simple carbs from.fruit, and no complex carbs except the yam at dinner, just is not healthy. Our bodies need an amply supply of primarily.complex carbs. Stop.worrying about we ight and size. Focus on health and what your body is asking for.

  3. Will Alexander says:

    I have already applied this particular “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for a few weeks already as well as the final results are wonderful. They offer me plenty of strength and also control my urge for food, yet I don`t crash whenever they wear off which I love, and so they don`t make me jittery. I haven`t changed other things I`m doing and have dropped 7 pounds. .

  4. aa says:

    3:00. Eat cold cuts and ice cream???? I'm surprised he said that since cold cuts are said to be one of the worst foods to eat. And, everyone knows that ice cream is a dessert.

  5. Johnny Lawrence says:

    That woman is beyond disgusting.

  6. Katerina Goncharouk says:

    We get it. You work with him on your diet. But SHUT UP and let him talk 🙄

  7. edward bermudez says:

    she's annoying as F@#!

  8. Felis Catus says:

    Simple, great advice!👌

  9. DIANA GUEVARA says:

    I can tell that woman is nervous hungry and in the end trying to pretend she eats fast food. that weird body shape. eating disorder alert. yeap.

  10. 🍌 Nature’s Dildo 🍌 says:

    This is just foe people who exercise though. If you ate all of that without exercising you would get fat.

  11. mr table lamp says:

    my god this is goundbreaking. NOT,

  12. Avantika Singh says:

    Now lose weight like celebrity call or whatsapp on this number 9599819948

  13. G3N0CID3 says:

    For a nutritional expert he looks over weight…

  14. YouTubeName says:

    LOL no one looks at Kate Upton and thinks “she starves herself”! She’s known for being voluptuous and on the heavier side, for a model. smh

  15. Betzabe Rosipko says:

    So eat less and exercise? There has to be a better way! 😬😂

  16. crunchips0crust says:

    That woman should just shut up. She's freaking annoying!

  17. Jordan McDaniel says:

    Gross go vegan

  18. Tati says:

    Ok so eat very little and eat low-calorie foods. Aight. Thanks.

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