Training Overview | MFT28: Greg Plitt’s 4-Week Military Fitness Training Program

MFT28 training is built on a five-day body part split, with two hardcore workouts per day. Follow the plan and redefine your fitness level.
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Some people will say MFT28 is about total muscle confusion. I say that’s ridiculous. Muscle confusion is a lukewarm phrase used to describe weak workouts. Muscle confusion is average; we want to be above average. MFT28 is a complete muscle beat-down. It’s a shock-and-awe attack on your body.

You don’t get stronger playing it safe. You don’t get stronger sitting on the couch. You don’t build muscle, destroy fat, or radically redefine your physique without anything less than your absolute best. You have to act. Every purpose has an action and every action begets results. If you can survive four weeks of MFT28, I guarantee great results.

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20 thoughts on “Training Overview | MFT28: Greg Plitt’s 4-Week Military Fitness Training Program

  1. RIP. 🙁 🙁 why you died man i wish you were still alive so that i could tell you are awesome but sadly you are not alive. :(

  2. So a huge transformation would occur in anyone who committed to this. But this trainging style n nutrition plan isnt meant for 365 day per year lifestyle. So once the thirty days r up, what the best way to maintain that transformation? Is it possible to maintain it without keeping the same nutrition plan n two workouts day?

  3. Greg was the king of volume training. I remember following his routines and it was like 3 sets of 20 exercises lol

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