Trying The Victoria’s Secret Diet For A Week (feat. Michelle Khare)

Hey everyone!! I’ve been wanting to try crazy diets and debunk what people say is healthy. I brought in my buddy Michelle to try this week of hell with me 🙂 Let me know what you think!

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20 thoughts on “Trying The Victoria’s Secret Diet For A Week (feat. Michelle Khare)

  1. "I think I've only had 800 calories today" my eating disordered ass died a little on the inside at how 'high' that is, despite my logical mind knowing it's too low for anyone

  2. ok but you guys are also such pussys just because you eat mac and cheese and pizza too comfort yourself all the time doesn't mean people who don't will like not survive or something

  3. That first meal was so much more than I’d eat. I’d only eat one of those things for breakfast, not oatmeal, fruit, eggs (obviously I’d eat the yolks too) and yogurt. If I was eating the fruit maybe I’d have fruit and yogurt, but that’d be a lot for me. What does your normal diet consist of? 🙂

  4. admire the models hard work and determination to not eat unhealthy food unlike me.i think abt food n eat food all the time it's so unhealthy . watching this is like horror movie for me

  5. They don't all have the same diet though! Adriana Lima has a much more "extreme" diet leading up to the show than most of the angels. There's been a lot of controversy over her diet in particular. Some of the angels eat just extremely healthy all the time.

  6. I feel like some of the diets girls will do is insane. Like, they're actually being rather unhealthy when they eat next to nothing before shows. It's not good for them.

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