Tuesday : BACK WORKOUT | “MUSCLE SIZE 5×5” PROGRAM by Guru Mann

Guru Mann trains you and trains with you to gain muscle size during his 6 week SIZE GAIN WORKOUT PROGRAM – “Muscle Size 5*5”.
You can achieve your desired body goals with this “SIZE GAIN WORKOUT PROGRAM – Muscle Size 5×5”

Download the MUSCLE SIZE 5X5 Nutrition Plan – http://www.gurumann.com/MUSCLE_SIZE_5x5_-_NUTRITION_PLAN.pdf

Download the MUSCLE SIZE 5X5 Workout Plan –

Guru Mann will tell you about body recovery and nutritional tips to follow as well.

1. V-Grip lat Pulldown – 5×5
2. V-Grip Machine Rows – 5×5
3. Wipe Grid Lat Pulldown – 5×5
4. Hyper Extension – 5×5


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20 thoughts on “Tuesday : BACK WORKOUT | “MUSCLE SIZE 5×5” PROGRAM by Guru Mann

  1. I'm a skinyy guy!! I start my back work out with a set of Pull-ups/Chin-up!! Then I go for the weight items……Do you think thats a good idea Mr. Mann. Thanks

  2. hey sir.. am 19 yr old. used to start gym by 12 month my weight is 58. what to do to gain weight and muscle build up ?

  3. I do exercise in the morning. But ur diet plan in 5*5 is only for evening workout.
    Do I follow the same diet plan?
    Help me immediately plz.

  4. sir u r whatsapp no. send mi hi this may whatsapp no. 9871194806 Dc आपसे कुछ पसनल बात पूछनी हे ।

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