U.S Marine Tries The Army Fitness Test Without Practice

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Today Armando Nava, United States Marine takes on The Army Military Fitness Challenge which includes:

2 minutes- Sit Ups
2 minutes- Push Ups
2 Mile Run

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Inspired by (Go check her out)
Natacha Océane

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20 Responses to U.S Marine Tries The Army Fitness Test Without Practice

  1. NavaTheBeast says:

    20,000 + likes for the New PFT 🇺🇸
    Thank you all for watching ❤️

  2. Art Sol says:

    Actually you’re suppose to do a dynamic warmup first not stretch. Stretching comes after 🙄but w.e.

  3. gridley 530 says:

    When do they do the army test? Before meps?

  4. Luke S says:

    I got 12:10 on the IST run…

  5. patrick laughlin says:

    I use to run that track almost everyday!! We took our CFTs there. I miss the Air Station!!

  6. Ricky Pearce says:

    I am confused. When I went through it was full gear. Combat boots. On up boots change the pace of the run.

  7. abraham nores says:

    Fuck this guy the last 60 seconds of pushups you did wouldn't count

  8. Ricky Hernandez says:

    Song for when the push ups r being done

  9. Sam Miller says:


  10. Friti says:

    Choose between Army and Marines? amused Already did that – went Navy. 😛

  11. Dave Atwood Sr says:

    I served in both. Army put test was a joke…..as well as how often they handed out ribbons and medals……like candy.

  12. Samantha Leonard says:

    You should try the West Point Candidate Fitness Assessment 👀👀

  13. Malcolm Clayton says:

    100 pushup with each arm and then placed after the last pushup underwater for 2:30 seconds and after 20 minutes recovery a 8 mile run.

  14. Will Silapheth says:

    When you ran past him you should have yelled "On your left!"

  15. Riley Dotson says:

    I give you an A for doing the Army PFT. Your PT score wouldn't be great if measured to the army standard. Still great work Battle. If you could it would be great to see you do it again but competing against an Army Soldier.

  16. Msalazar6sicVI says:

    282 score, that is solid man. And 11:55 2 mile is fast as fuck

  17. andrem7th says:

    A lot of the push ups didnt count before you rested before completing the full motion. Sit ups hold is not authorized according to AR 350-1 (army publication for apft).

  18. Raymond Meyers says:

    Any Marine who does well on the Marine Corps PFT would do fine on the Army PFT

  19. Joe Hayward says:

    Omg when I was in the Marines there were the day of our PFT always after a night of drinking , I would rather do the 2 miles instead of the 3 mile run lol that's when the throw up from alcohol

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