Vlog-My daily Gym Routine in Canada

Vlog-My daily Gym Routine in Canada

Canada craze— Watch more videos—

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video 3–https://youtu.be/CqmK9Uj9-Y4
video 4–https://youtu.be/2E-K2YShMGo

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20 Responses to Vlog-My daily Gym Routine in Canada

  1. Labh Singh says:

    Fee of gym and steroids

  2. Best Movie scene says:

    gym fee kitna hein canada me

  3. Viney Kamboj says:

    Canada vich.. Trainers di salary ki ae???????

  4. rohit Singh says:

    Bhai ji Gym bare DSO Canada ch kina budget hona chahida ….. Or gym di fee kinni hundi .. suppliment de price and eggs

  5. rohit Singh says:

    Bhai ji video banao new koi

  6. rohit Singh says:

    Maza A gya bhai

  7. prashant Patil says:

    Nice gym

  8. Pandit Sanju says:

    Bhai canada wch gym wch job mil sakde kya daso

  9. Labh Singh says:

    Gym de fees per month di ki a
    And cost of supliments to…..??

  10. rajeev sharma says:

    hi bro
    myself rajeev from delhi
    iam a certified fitness trainer and sports nutritionist
    goldsgym advance personal trainer
    special population certification
    female training certification
    spinning classes certification
    and my physique is also quiet good
    how can i buld my career in canada
    pls bro help me

  11. trap canada says:

    big routine

  12. Rahul Kirar says:

    Plz make vedio on names UFC gyms in Canada

  13. abhimanyu fitness says:

    Bhai fitness me carrer h canada me agr me study visa.pr aata hu toh

  14. entertainment log says:

    bro fee kini a gym di

  15. Gagan ਗਗਨ says:

    canada gym tainer course income video bnao

  16. Kaushal Sharma says:

    Sir please tell me that there is part time job in gym

  17. kakran vipul says:

    Fee Kita hondi bha si gym di

  18. Gurpreet Singhnnn says:

    insta id ki aa broo

  19. Gurpreet Singhnnn says:

    insta id ki aa broo

  20. Gurpreet Singhnnn says:

    insta id ki aa broo

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