25 thoughts on “Walking the Kitten

  1. Life lesson #1345: trust your instinct. I was in Vegas in March and waited
    for a friend at a souvenir shop. There were these yappy toys on display at
    the front, a cat and a dog but neither sounded like either. Part of me
    thought it would make a good toy for the cats. Most of me didn’t want yet
    another thing to take home in my suitcase, let alone something mechanical
    that could get squashed and break. I actually decided that, no, I wouldn’t
    get it, and walked up to the cashier where my friend was buying shirts. The
    cashier said with the purchases we’d get 1 more item from the store at 30%
    off. So I went and grabbed the cat toy. Not only did the cats love it,
    their video with it has racked up almost 2 million views and shows both
    Shorty and Kodi’s unique personalities and the interesting way cats
    communicate. Highly recommended for its hilarity, surprises and backstory.
    🙂 http://youtu.be/83IG1LbKd0E

  2. This was so adorable to watch and I even saw a bit of my Bagheera in Kodi’s
    behavior with walking around with his toys.

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