We Know What a Healthy Diet Is. Now Can We Stop Arguing About It?

Go ahead: Eat lean meat, eggs, and seafood, if that’s what you want. Just remember, as Dr. David L. Katz notes in video interview, the bulk of your diet should be vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds. Katz is the author of “Disease-Proof” (http://goo.gl/R3t9kL).

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Transcript – I routinely point out that we could eliminate 80 percent of all chronic disease by using what we know. And we don’t do that. We really bog down in bickering about do we know what we know and is this part of what we know more important than that part of what we know. And in no place is that a bigger problem than diet. There’s obviously a lot of money to be made from confusion. Some years ago I worked on air for Good Morning America and I saw firsthand that there really is a vested interest in TV and the media propagating constant change. If you say the same thing about diet on air enough times in a row people lose interest in your dietary segments. If you say something different every time it’s always interesting. Tune in tomorrow for a new answer. So the media are in on it. The fad diet authors are in on it. Basically a lot of people who just think that their view of the truth through a particular tunnel is the only truth or in on it. But the result is we squander the opportunity to use what we know because we bog down in debate about what we don’t know quite so well. So having completely lost my patience for the status quo I decided to do something about this. And it’s really challenging now because there was a time not all that long ago when a single voice could rise above the din. Think for example about Dr. Koop when he was Surgeon General. Or Benjamin Spock and the influence that he had on parents raising young children. But that era is gone because we live in the age of the blogosphere and cyberspace and everybody’s got a microphone. And there’s just this incredible amount of static.
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20 thoughts on “We Know What a Healthy Diet Is. Now Can We Stop Arguing About It?

  1. Title of video ends: "Can We Stop Arguing About it?"

    Below the video are comments of people arguing about diet.

    Welcome to teh Internet.

  2. A healthy diet differs for different people based on their regional genetic backgrounds. There are no real universal rules for diet apart from over-eating in general and avoiding obviously poisonous processed ingredients..

  3. So where does Soylent come in? Is it possible to pulverize these central elements and deliver them in a shake type product with no shopping, cooking or cleaning?

  4. honestly, love junk food. Im trying to get my diet on track by eating primarily a vegan diet and limiting the junk to 1 cheat day.

  5. Good sense. But we always get the same problems. The subject is as bad as religion. I don't eat animals because of ethical reasons. I don't need to eat animals for health reasons.

  6. I eat a pretty meat-heavy diet and vegetables other than beans and rice tend to give me digestive problems. I also work out a lot and feel pretty healthy most of the time. It's anxiety that's the real wear-and-tear on my bod and we are still terrible at handling that.

  7. vegan wholesome diet has been proven time and time again to be the healthiest. even his healthy Mediterranean diet has been shown to be bad because of oils. reverse diabetes heart disease fatigue obesity etc….. and help the planet and animals in it

  8. I agree, we know what a healthy diet is, but you, Dr. Katz (why you still have a medical license is beyond me), are peddling your same holistic, eastern medicine, integrative snake oil bullshit that you always do.

    Enough with this natural vs artificial crap. Stick to nutrition.

  9. I'm not sure Dr. Benjamin Spock was a good reference.  He's right that Dr. Spock to gain the attention of a generation of parents, but that generation of parents largely raised a younger generations with little appreciation for boundaries, responsibility, or discipline…leading them to create a further generation with even less awareness of these powerful personal tools.

    That said, his overall point is spot-on.  Fad diet plans come and go, but fundamentally it's about two things sugar and protein.  Each body will process these things with varying levels of efficiency, BUT certain food also DELIVER those things more efficiently than others.  America's obesity problem is largely WHAT we eat, but it's also certain about HOW MUCH!  For most modern Americans, a 2000 calorie per day diet is too much.  We have become a tech-based society with a service-based economy, the bulk of which promotes a sedentary lifestyle both at home and at work.  Therefore, eat wholesome foods, AND eat smaller portions than the, "Bigger is better," MORE, MORE, MORE society generally dictates.

    As a doctor once told me, "If everybody ate like a diet-controlled diabetic, then Type 2 Diabetes wouldn't exist."

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