We Tried The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Model Diet For A Week

After seeing the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Runway show and how AMAZING all the models looked, we wanted to give their unique and specialized diet a try…the 2017 edition!

Candace’s VS Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDy2QdnhVnQ&t=243s

Read all about the diet here: popsugar.com/fitness/Victoria-Secret-Models-Diet-2017-44267332

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20 thoughts on “We Tried The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Model Diet For A Week

  1. I put 3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, (with the Mother in it), half lemon squeezed, half lime squeezed in my 32 oz water and drink it throughout the morning.

  2. Hey Michelle! I have watched your videos since you left buzzfeed and enjoy most of your content. I feel like you excel in the workout videos. I just wanted to share a bit of constructive criticism. (1. I am in no way trying to bash your videos, and I think you are a great content creator. I have just noticed some trends that I wanted to touch on. 2. Obviously I am just some random view who you are under no obligation to even read what I'm writing, let alone take the criticism. I just wanted to put my thoughts out there, so that maybe you have the opportunity to read them and reflect on them.)

    I have noticed in some of your videos, in particular the dieting videos, you and your guests tend to approach the diet pretty negatively and with closed minds. Now, obviously most people would not be excited to eat super clean for an extended period of time, but y'all were the ones that signed up to do the video. I am not saying you have put a face on and act like you are excited when you're not, but there is a reason you decided to try the diet in the first place and maybe shed some light on the excitement in relation to that. I just find myself as a viewer fast forwarding through the parts of the video where you just complain and drag your feet about the diet. (Now obviously keep your reactions to things authentic, like you did with the ACV. But when you just kind of shut down and freaked out about the tea, maybe research and share with us some reasons why it's included in the diet and what benefits it has?) I could go on with more specific examples, but I'm sure you get the basic idea. I just feel that everyone knows diets suck, so we don't really need to see a bunch of videos of diets that suck and how much not fun you had doing them. I also feel like these videos overwhelmingly remind me of buzzfeed, because this is what buzzfeed is notorious for with different "experiments." They tend to throw people into their videos who don't really want to participate and who drag their feet and complain about the experiment the entire time and at the end concludes with "yeah, that totally sucked and I'm not doing it again." As a content creator, maybe ask yourself what value does that give my viewers? If you could shed some more light on what you learned/ what you're going to take away from the diet? Etc?

    And a final note. I know you and Saf are not the same person, but y'all left BF around the same time and she has had a much higher success rate. Why? It is certainly not because wearing plastic pants is more relatable than doing a diet! It's because she approaches a weird situation/experiment with a positive and informative attitude. If her videos of her wearing the ugliest pair of shoes for a week just consisted of her complaining when she fist saw the shoes, then dismissing all the weird characteristics of the shoes, then complaining and dragging her feet and hiding each time she wore the shoes, and at the end concluded with what we all knew in the fist place that the shoes were super ugly. No one would watch those videos! (I am not telling you to be or do what Saf is doing. I was just trying to use an example you could relate to and who has been on YT around the same length as you.)

    I hope you get a chance to read this! I'm excited to continue watching you grow and look forward to more videos!

  3. Best way to take the apple cider vinegar…. use the shot glass to measure it (if you drink it straight you can possibly burn your esophagus) take a 32 (or 64 if you're like me and can't handle much of the vinegar flavor) fill it half way with ice. add a squirt of lemon and as much honey as you want to sweeten it. Then dump in your vinegar fill the rest of the way with water and stir until everything is combined. trust me its better than the shot. Plus get everything organic then you not only get the benefits of the vinegar but the lemon and honey as well.

  4. I take 2 shots of apple cider vinegar already accept only 30 minutes before each meal, but now i have it morning and night (4 shots a day)

  5. darling, I think you're going to ruin your health, continue exercising as usual while you were starving to death with this? I hope not

  6. add orange juice to the ACV. you'll be fine. and why would you explain anything to a waiter. they dont care why you're ordering what you're ordering

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