Weight Loss Powder | Magical Slimming Powder For Quick Weight Loss

Weight Loss Powder | Slimming Powder For Quick Weight Loss
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INTERMITTENT FASTING DIET: https://youtu.be/1QDgSrnF38
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20 Responses to Weight Loss Powder | Magical Slimming Powder For Quick Weight Loss

  1. Samia Sharna says:

    Hi Vicky. Thanks a lot for this magical weight loss drink. I got tremendous result. I also give this to my mom. Unfortunately she's recently diagnosed with kidney problems which are not that serious. But I want to be precautious regarding her care. Since the powder contains cinnamon which is not good for kidney patients. If I omit it from her drink will that affect as much as it does with it. If not can u please suggest something as effective as this drink. That will be highly appreciated. Thanks

  2. menaka sv says:

    Hi Vicky can we use macha powder instead of green tea bags????

  3. Diksha Giri says:

    I have fissure and pcos… Can I have it

  4. Absolute Marketing says:

    What kind of diet should we follow? I’m following a macros based diet 1400 calories a day. I take apple cider vinegar daily in the morning.

  5. lie siang Kho says:

    Not working for me I try

  6. Amna Raza says:

    Hello Vicky. The ingredients after stirring settle down in bottom so should we engulf or waste them.

  7. Shanu Loksha says:

    Vicky do videos on keto diet with intermittent fasting.. I.e;keto intermittent fasting

  8. Archanna Paigude says:

    Nice video mam

  9. Amrita Chawke says:

    Can we skip cinnamon powder??

  10. subeenaaneesh says:

    Hi vicky..lactating mothers can drink this tea once a day??
    Any side effects?

  11. Sandhya Mehndiratta says:

    Is it good for summer also or not?

  12. Mmm Ttt says:

    Hi! Can I add moringa powder in it ?

  13. Monika Karnatak3 says:

    I want to try this magical drink bt plz clarify 1 doubt. Im lactating mother n hv pcos frm last 4 mnths. Can i take dis. Plz plz reply. Im eagerly waiting. Many Thanx 4 dis video. God bless U

  14. Delia Aguirre says:

    Hi Vicky can I get haldi in Indian store or does it have another name i English thsnkyou ❣️❣️??

  15. mardel3 says:

    Could I use curry instead.

  16. pochia yiadom says:

    Hi Vicky please I take medication so I don't know if I can drink this

  17. Naresh kasarla says:

    Iam trying fr preference pregnancy can i use it please reply mee

  18. Sheher Bano says:

    Tomorrow m using this churn surely I'll update about weight loss after 7 days in sha Allah

  19. Komal Joshi says:

    Hi dear
    My weight is 86kg kindly suggest me weight loss soup and diet plane.
    I cant follow any raw diet plane becUse of digestion problem so suggest me in liquid form so that i can reduce it.
    Meanwhile my tummy is too much which is cause of weight so just focus on that and just😘😘😘

  20. Tia X says:

    What is haldi powder is there another name for it ?

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