8 thoughts on “WEIGHT LOSS TIPS: Quick EASY healthy lunch to stay slim, confident, healthy and happy

  1. Tracy-you seem so healthy-you really glow from the inside out! You are
    super inspiring! I just started a channel and hope you will check it out.
    I made a video of my top tips for staying skinny… things I think everyone
    can easily do! 🙂 xo

  2. I’m sick of all these health videos requiring that you live in America or
    some place that sells healthy food. As someone who is from LA and moved to
    Italy, I can tell you… the rest of the world does not have access to
    health foods. I can’t even find spinach 7 months out of the year. I have to
    go to the US Embassy just to get frozen blueberries. They do not exist
    here. I wish someone would make a diet with normal food. I’ve been eating
    Lentils, Rice and Bananas everyday for months, and its so boring. But
    everytime I find some youtube health guru, they’re always preaching
    Kombuca, Seitan, Flax Seeds, Coconut Oil, Kimchi… yeah. Try finding that
    in ITALY.

  3. Love your vids Tracy, but the background in this video is a bit
    overwhelming, er distracting. Otherwise thank you for your tasty snack tip.

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