What I Eat After a Workout // Healthy Vegan Meal Ideas ?? ?

Here are some easy, delicious & nutritious meals I love to fuel my body with after a tough workout! Enjoy ??

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20 thoughts on “What I Eat After a Workout // Healthy Vegan Meal Ideas ?? ?

  1. #askmiles I feel myself constantly resenting my friends and family for not being vegan, despite all of the horrible things they have learned about the animal product industries. How do I stop feeling like this?

  2. Damn you edomite you will be a slave in the kingdom of heaven coming straight from the holy bible in the name of yahawashi

  3. OMG ?Those stuffed sweet potatoes look amazing just amazing! I haven’t had a sweet potato in a while because they were just boring to me but I’m gonna try this recipe because it looks so delicious and super healthy. You are amazing so thank you

  4. I'm not Vegan yet, but I'm looking into becoming vegan and making a life style transition. This video was super helpful thank you so much.

  5. Beautiful!
    I was vegan for around 4 years and quit for some odd reasons. I'm now trying to go back in the healthiest (and tastest) way possible. This video is the final proof that healthy means tasty. It's just beautiful and I want it.

    Some private notes: I quit veganism when started dating my current girlfriend and simmustainlesly (probably the worst spelling ever…) lost contact with my vegan friends. Since then I put on a lot of weight, feel bad quite often and also went back to smoking. It's just a straight way down. If anyone feels overwhelmed with their veganism then change something. More fat/less fat/more sweet stuff or even more oil. Just stay vegan as it is the best healthy alley.
    May the vegan force be with you

  6. Sarah sent me. I am eager to try the hummus in tomato sauce. And the shake sounds great. It ALL sounded fantastic, actually. I WILL be putting tahini on my sweet potatoes! Thanks.

  7. be careful at that aluminum foil….i don't know but for a reason i stay away from this type of foil.i read and i learn at school that it can be toxic, dangerous for our brain… (it.s just my opinion)everyone is free to use annything.so don't get me wrong☺

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